Thursday, October 13, 2011

Katowice (and surroundings!) Interview Trip...the Finale!

Another very early day began with a train ride to Katowice for the final stop of our 2-week long interview trip. Taking the train to Katowice is getting better and better.We're still giving out DVD players, Preach My Gospel DVD's, fire extinguishers and fire blankets! But before the 'gifts' were handed out, this is what took place... (I just had to make a note a few days later- do these faces show you what it is to be on a mission? It is HAPPINESS !!)
The Katowice District held their weekly district meeting. (L toR): Sisters Folsom, Marshall and McGrath; Elders McGrath, Seibert, Curtis and Fletcher.
All these great Missionaries were being taught by their District Leader, Elder Fletcher, who was teaching how to help investigators want to commit to coming to church and feeling the spirit there.

Meanwhile, in another room, the Krakow District had also come to collect their essential apartment items....But before doing that, they were also attending a District Meeting.
Sitting in on a role-play asking investigators to come to church. Elder Klosowiak, the District Leader, was making notes on the white board. Both District Meetings were well taught. We have great leaders in this mission who will someday be great leaders in the Church! Here, Elder Kalinowski is teaching (with Elder Gudnason helping) that the Book of Mormon contains everything and it is physical evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet and everything he helped restore and do was inspired and true.
Elders Hancock and Gudnason, currently serving in Kielce, pack up to head back home...renewed and ready to work!
Our Krakow Elders, Kalinowski and Klosowiak, are doing the same.

The Katowice Sisters, Sister Folsom and Sister Marshall, bundle up and get ready to go to a lesson.
Elder and Sister McGrath standing in the library of the many places they have cleaned getting ready for the new 2012 curriculum which is on its way.
After the meetings and interviews, it was back on the train heading to Warsaw.
As we stepped out of the train station, I had an overwhelming feeling of joy that we were home...and what a beautiful place it is...especially at night!
The Zloty Terrace mall. One of my favorite places to spend a spare moment in!
The Cultural Center. They periodically change the colors on this building...all are beautiful. Some times I have to 'pinch' myself! We live in Poland! We are on a Mission! It is hard work, but very rewarding. We really are having 'the time of our lives' need to try it! We love 'being on the Lord's errand' mingling among some of the Lord's most choice people!


  1. Hi Prezydent and Sister Nielson!!
    Your blog is incredible....and it's so great to see and hear about your experiences!! We miss you and think of you all the time. Love you both!!!
    Kristine Swarts

  2. Nice to hear that somebody likes the central station!


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