Monday, October 10, 2011

District Meeting in Lodz- 10 Oct 2011

Having had a great fireside last night, we got up this morning to attend District Meeting at the Chapel with the missionaries in Lodz. Elder Leimer, the District Leader, taught a great lesson - 'Revelation through Church Attendance'. There was wonderful instructions and participation by everyone. Today is the day where the Lodz District received their "gifts" (DVD players, District I & II DVD's, fire blankets and Fire Extinguishers). Elders Smith, Berry, Leimer, Pofelski and Elder and Sister Tarasevich, with Sisters Allen and Stay.

Afterwards we headed over to Manekin's who are famous for their 'polish pancakes'. This is a favorite. Here is the Sisters' table where we visited about all the wonderful things happening in Lodz. (L to R): Sisters Stay, Tarasevich and Allen.

The Elders' table was also talking about the branch, the investigators and the work going on in the specific areas of the city. (L to R): Elders Tarasevich, Smith, Pofelski, Leimer and Berry. The fun thing about going to restaurants in Poland is how affordable they are. Look at these delicious dishes, the total bill was about $60 for 10 people. Not bad...and we even had a couple of desserts to share!

As we came out of the restaurant, we noticed this "thing" on Elder Tarasevich's car. Sister Taraseivach made the phone call to have the "policja" come and remove their "Boot".

After waiting for some time, the fee was paid (no negiotiating!), and the "boot" was removed. The parking sign with the symbol of "No Parking" was way down the street. There were cars parked in front of us and behind us, but we were the only one that they selected to be "locked down". Elder Tarasevich is a great sport to let me take pictures of this. I know 'someone' who if this had happened to him, would refuse this to be published....

In fact, this wasn't the best day for that 'someone'. After the boot incident, we went back to the parking garage to pay our parking fee and head to Warsaw. We are now about three hours behind schedule. The garage parking machine would not accept a 100 zloty bill (our parking fee was 21 zloty). So President came back to the car and we hunted for extra change in the car. Having been to Poznan and gone through all the Toll Booths, we luckily found 21 zloty. By the time he got back to the machine to pay the 21 zloty, the price of the parking had gone up to 25 zloty! We tore apart the car and found another 4 zloty under the seats. Finally, we were on our way home (now four hours later). I won't even tell you what happened next (and it won't make the blog!) Let's just say it was a day that President will never forget (another unexpected hour to get home).


  1. Uh-oh! Sounds like "someone" got a speeding ticket? :)

  2. I don't like cliffhangers! Especially if they are never to be revealed! :)

  3. This is a great story! And we are dying to hear what happened next!!!


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