Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready the night before the Open House (Oct. 31, 2011)

Tonight I opened the door to this surprise! Our Assistants, Elders Hillyard and Dabrowski, had taken some time out of their P-DAY to carve these fun pumpkins. (L TO R): "Poland Loves Baptisms" (and we do!) and "Wybierz Sprawiedliwosc" (Choose Justice=Choose the Right). We knew these Assistants had great leadership ablility, but we had no idea they were so artistic! After their weekly meeting with the President, we all headed over to the Wolska Chapel to get ready for out "All Saints Day" open house tomorrow.....there was much to do!
We pulled up to the parking lot and found President Dresler finishing up hanging the "Zapraszamy" (We Welcome) sign. As our new District President, he is very busy. We appreciated his help and efforts. Inside, the building was 'buzzing' with all kinds of activity...
The cultural hall is being set up with chairs, refreshment table, a family history corner and this great picture collage. It will be a nice place to visit and ask questions about anything the investigators have seen or heard.
Guess who got 'vacuum duty'? Elder Johnson, one of our Office Elders, ...
... and Elder Sheridan the other Office Elder. Both diligently vacuumed every corner of the foyer as furniture was moved to make room for our guests.
Another pumpkin surprise! Sisters Ellis and Mann had also taken some time from their P-Day to carve this masterpiece...a portrait of President Nielson! He has received several 'honors' in his life, but this is a first! A Pumpkin Portrait! It was quite good....the picture doesn't do it justice.

These missionaries are ready to share the gospel with those who will tour the Wolska Chapel tomorrow. A great group....and we love each of them! (L to R): Elders Sorn, Johnson, Hillyard, Sheridan, Curtis, and Dominik (Chair person of the event); Elder Dabrowski and Sisters Mann and Ellis.
And below, how the Chapel is more visible after the tree was trimmed (earlier in the day) and the bush was cut down. See how beautiful our Chapel is.
We are open for business! We are ready and waiting for a great Open House tomorrow. Hundreds of people will walk by the Chapel tomorrow as they head to the cemetry next door. We look for to a successful day. This Church is true. It will change lives. It is the way to serve others and come unto Christ.

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