Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finishing up Mission Interviews

President has interviewed all of the missionaries in the past two weeks except the Elders in Bialystok and Lublin. These two sets of Elders come into Warsaw every other week for District Meetings. So first thing this morning we ran over to the Wolska Chapel for Warsaw l District Meeting to interview Elders Darowski and Hannemann. These two great Elders are serving in Bialystok.

Other members of the District are Elders Bode and Vreeken (the District Leader) who ran into Godfrey who was making the exterior of the building look wonderful as usual.

Elder Hannemann received a package from his mother. Apparently she sent a package containing a watch some time ago. The package arrived, but the watch didn't. This time she was really creative. The watch was sent hidden inside a stuffed animal. Elder Hannemann was able to undo some of the stitching and there was the watch. Everyone was happy and thrilled for Elder Hannemann.

After interviewing the Bialystok Elders, we dashed across town and met with the Elders from Lublin who were attending the Warsaw ll District Meeting.
This District received their "gifts"- DVD players, Preach My Gospel DVD's, Fire Blankets and Fire Extinguishers. Elders Sheridan, Basha, Johnson, Marsing with Sisters Bailey and Jones.

We were running late and needed to get the Lublin Elders to the train station but had about 30 minutes to spare. President needed to interview these great missionaries, the weather was pretty good and we were really close to one attraction that was dear to Elder Basha's heart- a driving range. So off we went.

Between hitting a few golf balls, sitting in the car and talking, both Elders were interviewed and it was a great day. President used to say that some of his best meetings were on the golf course. I think the look on Elder Basha's face says it all. Thanks Elder Marsing for supporting your companion. The interviews are now completed and we will doing this in another 60 days. The snow will be on the ground so this interview meeting place probably will be different. But President has ordered a basketball standard for the Wolska Chapel so maybe we will have more interviews there in the future... I love my missionaries and MY companion!!!!!

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  1. Thank missionaries, Your service is work for the Lord.



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