Monday, October 31, 2011

Making the Wolska Chapel more visible to Warsaw. 31 Oct 2011

One of the great buildings in Warsaw Poland is the Wolska Chapel. This building was dedicated in 1991 and dear to the hearts of all members of the Church in Poland. This beautiful tree was planted some years ago. As it has grown it blocks the view of the Chapel from the people of Warsaw. As we are getting ready for the Open House tomorrow and want everyone to see the Church, we had a service project of our own.
We started out with Godfrey going in and cutting the first branch, and then another and another and so on... Elders Myler and Sorn are ready to help.
As Godfrey cut the branches, the Elders started to pull them out...
As he cut, the view of the Chapel became better and better.
We're making progress!
This is going pretty fast, and soon Elders Vreeken and Bode show up to assist. The more we trimmed the better the Chapel could be seen by those walking by and those connecting with the trams on Wolska.
Godfrey has to get up on a ladder to cut the last few branches. People walking by stopped and talked to us. Its like a Chapel had been there and people didn't know how big and beautiful it was. They couldn't see it.
Finally, we can see how "open" this is and how much better it looks. Then we spotted another obstacle....
Elders Bode and Vreeken start in a bush that has grown too high. This reminds me of the Elder Christopherson talk at General Conference where he told the story of Elder Hugh B. Brown and the Currant Bush. This is not a shade tree its supposed to be a short bush.

This is how is blocks the view of the Chapel. As people walk from the Trams towards their homes, this is what they see.

Elders Myler and Sorn keep cleaning out the branches from the tree while everything else is going on.

Little by little the bush is getting smaller and the Chapel is becoming more and more visible.

At last it is finished. The tree looks trimmed, beautiful and adds to the appearance. The bush is small and will look wonderful next spring. Most of all, you can see the Wolska Chapel. People will no longer wonder what is back behind the bushes and the tree. Its the Chapel for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thanks Godfrey, President Zielonka, Elders Sorn, Myler, Vreeken and Bode.

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