Sunday, October 16, 2011

More great things happening last weekend!!!

Not only did we enjoy a great 2-day Warsaw District Conference, but great things were happening all over the mission. Great things, you might ask? YES! Nothing is greater than when we baptize!!!! Meet our newest members....
Adrian, from Katowice, was baptized by his good friend (and great member missionary!) Adrian! He is shown here with the missionaries who taught him, Elders Seibert and Curtis. Yes, the lake was a 'little' chilly! He is a great addition to the very-strong YSA program in Katowice.
We had a baptism in Szczecin!!!! Here is Lukasz who was baptized by Lukasz--a great member missionary who often helps the missionaries with member lessons. This man was given a Book of Mormon when he was contacted on the street. The Elders told him if he read it, God would let him know if it was true. At the first lesson, he sat down and told Elders Kennedy and Rogers that God had confirmed that the book was true; and he wanted to know more. These are the quality of people we are finding...those that are searching for truth and answers...and we have them!

The church is growing in Poland....and the foundation of the gospel in this country is strengthening. As you can see, we have great missionaries in Poland. They are obedient, dedicated and valiant in the cause of Truth. Our dear Polish members, is there any one you know who would benefit from the blessings of the gospel? Our missionaries can't wait to help you share the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them!

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  1. Nice coincidence of names of baptizers and baptizees (is there such word?) in both cases!


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