Saturday, October 8, 2011

Warsaw ll Open House 8 Oct 2011

Today was a great OPEN HOUSE in the Warsaw II Branch for the people in Warsaw. It was well attended, and we had great participation from many of our members. (L to R): Front: Godfrey, Elder Dabrowski and Marcin. Standing: Sister Czasek, Wojtek, Elder Johnson, Brat Magnuski, Ruben Torke (alias Elder Torke), Elder Sheridan, Sister Pickett, Oksana, Elders Hillyard, Kamila, and Elder Fritzsch.
Out on the street in front of the Chapel was our 'finding and greeting team' led by Jerzy. Elders Davis and Sheridan, Jerzy, Marcin and Elder Johnson.
Godfrey and Marcin, both great members, are stopping and talking with people. They also are pointing the way to the chapel, telling them about the Church and inviting them to come and see who we are. We had many investigators who were walking down the street just come in after being invited.
People are greeted by the missionaries and members. The investigators are given a tour of the building and shown what classes we have (Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, Young Single Adults, etc.) and the Chapel. In each classroom there were displays and pamphlets with members explaining what our beliefs are.
Sisters Bailey and Jones had a major part in making this a successful Open House. Here they are with an investigator whom they spoke with for some time...who attends our weekly English class.
Monika and Grzegosz, along with the Sisters, assist Anja and her sons with a tour of the building. This great lady has a baptismal date in two weeks with an amazing story of how she was lead to the missionaries.
More great members who helped during the day: Karina, Karolina, Diana, Sister and Elder Curtis, Brother and Sister Neto along with an investigator.

A big thanks to Dominik and Brat Magnuski for your help and support. These are great men who always assist in making the Church stronger in Warsaw.

Thanks again to Sisters Jones and Bailey. They really put their 'shoulders to the wheel' in making everything right. Good job, Sisters!

While all of these great activities were going on, way in the back in the Nursery was Slawek. This great member was showing The Restoration video to investigators in the room next door and also keeping an eye on the kids as parents were coming in and out. This scene shows that the Church is universal. No matter what country you are in, the Nursery is the Nursery.
The members and the missionaries pulled together to put on a really great open house. Many were introduced to the church today. A big THANK YOU to our great Polish members and all they do. Keep the faith! Continue to do all you can to obey the commandments. Great blessings are coming. We love you!


  1. It's all backed by the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you President and Sister Nielson!


  2. Thanks for all your posts, you do such a wonderful job! I'm pretty sure that the woman Anja in the photo (who is being taught by the sisters- the one with a baptismal date) is someone I taught in my very first area of my mission. We were her first missionary contact and taught her for a little while- that just made my day to see that she's getting baptized. Turns out that the Lord does have his own plan and everything works out in the end :)


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