Friday, October 28, 2011

Meeting up with the Missionaries serving in Warsaw I.

Elders Bode, Vreeken, Sorn and Myler and Sisters Mann and Ellis are doing an outstanding job in the Warsaw I Branch. They are teaching and baptizing some wonderful people. Thank you members of the Warsaw I Branch for all the time and support you give these good missionaries! It makes such a difference in missionary work.
We met them for a quick bite to eat before they 'hit the streets' again proselyting. We also finalized some plans for the missionaries responsibilities for the 'Day of the Dead' open house that will be held at the Wolska Chapel next week. These missionaries have two great baptisms coming up on November 5th. They have great attitudes and a great work ethic. We love these hard-working missionaries!

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  1. I really do love the missionaries in our branch! They are awesome. I would put in a plea to not transfer any of them, but I know that another good one would come along, so if it happens we understand. :)


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