Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guess who's coming to dinner!

After bringing in many missionaries for their last night at the mission home before heading home, tonight was Elder Tribe's turn.

Elder Tribe (former Assistant) and Elder Hillyard (current Assistant) grew up together and have been great friends for years. After extending his mission for a month and serving as a "traveling trainer", Elder Tribe came into the mission home last night to have one last meal in Poland.

I had lots of help in the kitchen. Elder Dabrowski learned quickly how to turn out countless pieces of french toast. French toast for dinner, you might ask? It was a request.

Elder Tribe had asked for a 'breakfast dinner'...which meant that we served french toast, bacon, eggs and fruit plate. It was devoured and it was the least I could do for such a great former Assistant.

The tie ceremony! I actually think it was painful for Elder Tribe.

Elders Johnson, Hillyard, Dabrowski and Sheridan feel Elder Tribe's pain!

It's 9:00 pm...and what does a Poland Warsaw Missionary do at 9:00 pm? Nine o'clock planning, of course! The Assistants plan their day tomorrow with the help of Elder Tribe.

This morning we got up really early to get Elder Tribe to the airport.....never knowing what the traffic or the lines at the airport will be like. The traffic was light and the line to check-in at the airport was ....fair.

Elder Tribe, you will be missed! You 'sprinted' to the end of your mission and were a great example to the rest of your fellow missionaries. Thank you for the extra month of service! We wish we could have kept you for another 2 years. Good luck in all you do ... and remember...always keep Poland in your prayers. We love you, Elder Tribe!

One last little miracle.....the security line....or lack of it! There was NO ONE in line. In all the times we have come to the airport, this has never happened! Elder Tribe, you are one blessed Elder! Keep in touch!


  1. Elder Tribe gone home!?! Oh, we will misd that great missionary! He'd better get on facebook when he gets home. :)

  2. Elder Tribe - Thank you for your work. This is a spiritual work. Priceless.



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