Sunday, October 23, 2011

Senior Conference 21-22 Oct 2011

Our Senior Missionary Conference started Friday, Oct 21 and ended the following afternoon. We were able to have some great training, discuss certain assignments and have some fun visiting. Sister Briggs (Family History Center- Warsaw), Elder and Sister McGrath (YSA Center and Branch President- Katowice), Elder and Sister Tarasevich (YSA, MLS and Branch President- Lodz), Elder and Sister Simons (S & I missionaries), Elder and Sister Richards (YSA, MLS and Branch President- Poznan), Sister Sheets (Family History Center- Warsaw), Elder and Sister Peck (Single Adults- Warsaw and Office Couple) and Elder and Sister Jensen (YSA, MLS and Katowice District Councilor).
Between the mission home and a nearby hotel, we were able to house the Senior Missionaries that don't live in Warsaw. We try and have a Senior Confernce every 3-5 months, they are great.
All the Senior Sisters shown with the new Polish Songbook for Children...a project started in Wroclaw by Sister Moon (who was released with her husband in September) and Agata. Sister Jensen put the finishing touches on them and they are being distributed throughout the branches. Thank you, Sister Moon and Agata, for all your work!
Sister Jensen has been very busy with the Sisters in Wroclaw. They got together at a Relief Society Activity and made 'Reverence Folders' for all the children to use during Sacrament Meeting. Each child checks a folder out at the beginning of the meeting and waits until after the Sacrament is passed before they begin playing with them. The children love them! Thank you Wroclaw Relief Society for all your work!
Now, while the Sisters were meeting...the Elders helped clean things up before we headed out on a tour of Warsaw. Elders Simons, Richards, McGrath, Peck, Jensen, Paxton and Tarasevich.
Our well trained and "professional" tour guide was Dominik from Warsaw II. He was outstanding and what better way to earn a little money for a mission than to tell about the City and Country that you love. He did a very good job and we will use him again...
The door in the corner is actually the front door to a house. This is the smallest (narrowest) house in Warsaw. It is three stories tall but only four feet wide. We aren't sure how you get furniture in and arranged. In fact there are many questions about this that we can't answer but it is a house...
We are all standing in front of the statue of ' the Little Insurgent' dedicated to all the children who lost their lives during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. On the far right is Paul from Moscow, Russia. He was standing by and had a map. We knew he was a little lost so we asked him if he would like to join us for the tour. He did and we told him a little about the Church and left him with a "pass along card".
Located at Pilsudski Square is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Since the 18th century, a palace once stood in the square until it was destroyed during WWII. All that remained were these columns which now house the ashes of the "Unknown Soldier". The guards are changed every hour.
The Senior Missionaries in Saski Gardens at the sight where President Spencer W. Kimball (1977) and then by President Thomas S. Monson (1986) dedicated Poland for the preaching of the gospel.
President Nielson and Dominik at this sacred site in Polish Church History. Very fitting considering that Dominik will shortly be turning in his papers to serve a mission for the Lord somewhere in the world.

We had the great fortune of having Elder and Sister Paxton from Frankfurt come and do some training for us. They work with Centers for Young Adults (YSA Centers) all over Europe. Because some of our Branches have or are working towards having a Center for the Young Single Adults, we invited them to attend our Conference and do training. Our Senior Couples with those assignments are making such a difference with the YSA's. Thank you, Paxtons, for the training and direction. (Standing in front of the fountain at Saski Gardens).
The last stop on the tour was to the Palace of Culture and Science, often called the Stalin Tower. This is looking down at one of the "Rondos" or Round-Abouts. The weather was cooperating today, it wasn't the clearest day but it was beautiful.
From another side and view of Warsaw. These are some of the modern and new buildings that are in the Downtown area. Just in the shadows of these buildings was the Jewish Ghetto of years past. What an amazing history of this city! I hope you are able to "expand or blow up" this picture and look at these buildings.

This is looking down at the Train Station, the Zloty Terrance Mall and the Marriott Hotel on the left. Usually I am taking a picture from down there looking up at the "Stalin Building". Down below is a busy place in Warsaw- trains, shopping, tourists, construction and just wonderful people.
From another side and view from the Cultural Center you can see "Ogrod Saski" (Saxon Gardens) where we stood an hour previous at the sight where President Kimball and then President Monson dedicated and re-opened Poland for preaching the gospel.

The tour ended and so did the Conference. A great time. Then it was off to the Wolska Chapel for the Baptism of Anja. Following the baptism, Warsaw I and II held a Pioneer Day activity. As we were leaving for the airport (to get Elder and Sister Paxton back to Germany), Marcin and Anja were setting up the projector to show Marcin's wonderful "History of the Church in Poland" presentation.
Assisting Marcin was Dominik (yes, our tour guide) and President Staples, the Branch President in Warsaw II. Always some great events going on in Poland with the Church. We are so grateful for members who are so willing to share their Marcin and Anja. Thank you!
It was a great two days and very busy. Seems like we left the Zatylnys at the airport a week ago and yet is was only 33 hours ago. What a great life we live. Baptisms, Senior Conferences, training, branch activities and talking with people. If you want to have the time of your life- come serve a mission. Plan and get ready. You can even serve at home but go and serve- it will change your life!!!!


  1. Stan and Judi!
    You both look awesome! You aren't aging a bit - this mission must be making you even more beautiful!
    Mont and I love reading your blog! Keep those posts coming!
    Love you both,

  2. Again, good to see another picture of my former Bishop, Andrew Staples. Please give them our love.
    Elder and Sister Kolditz
    CA Roseville Mission

  3. We used our songbook today in Primary! It was awesome.


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