Saturday, August 27, 2011

What was going on while President was in Germany...

This weekend the Warsaw YSA's hosted a mini-conference which included Investigators and members from Gdansk to Katowice! This picture was taken on Saturday where they had just completed a great class taught by Jackie Pickett on 'Weathering the Storms of Life While Staying Strong in the Church'.

Standing (L to R): Sebastian (Lodz), Adrian (Katowice), Marta, Karol (Kielce), Kamila, Selongo, Patryk (Gdansk), Damien (Katowice) Elder and Sister Richards (YSA Leaders). Sitting (L to R): Magda (Lodz), Marcia, Alex, Kasia, Jackie Pickett (Institute Instructor), Michaelle, Dominika (Lodz). After the class...sports, visiting and a 'grill' were on the program! Looks calm, doesn't it?? But you should have seen this group the night before!

The YSA's put on a fun dance and invited all members from Warsaw I and II branches. Everyone had a blast! The music and decorations were great! Good job YSA's!!!

Emil and Dominik (our Home Teachers!) showing off their 'great moves' while Kamila and Patryk (investigator from Gdansk) look on.

That was Friday...on Saturday, the Assistants called to see if I was OK (since President was gone) and said that I could probably like some company. They were willing to come over and host a mini-grill for them, the office elders and me for P-Day. They were willing to bring the food and do everything. (I refused to think that they were just using me for my BBQ!)

Elder Eastman preparing his special hamburger patties.....filled with bacon bits and cheese.

Elders Johnson, Hillyard and Sheridan outside cooking the burgers. Another special treat the Assistants had planned....homemade rootbeer!

A special touch....we added ice cream to make delicious Rootbeer Floats!
I never have to worry about being alone out on this mission. I have great Elders, friends and Home Teachers who are always checking on me! Thank you...I love you all! President Nielson is due home soon....and we'll see how his meeting went!

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  1. "looks calm, doesn't it?" hahaha you're right sister Nielson! that night i slept like only 5 hours.. but I LOVED these 2 days!



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