Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warsaw Zone Conference!

The Warsaw Zone of the Poland Warsaw Mission! What a great group of missionaries we have serving in the capital city of Poland. Ready to find, ready to teach, ready to baptize! Top Row: Elders Basha, Plumb, Berry, Johnson, Darowski, Pofelski, Smith, Waits. Middle Row: Elders Hooker and Davis; Sisters Ellis, Mann, Stay and Marshall; Elders Sheridan, Hannemann, Vreeken, Myler, Kennedy, and Sorn. Front row: Sisters Jones and Bailey; Sisters Richards and Briggs.

The morning was filled with instruction from President Nielson and me.

Then came one of the favorite events of Zone Conference....'Buki Break'! Of course, the Sisters and our Senior Missionaries had gone through the line first....then came the Elders!

Godrey (far right) joined us for lunch. He is participating in Zone Conference and has dressed the part. This good brother is always a huge help to the missionaries when it comes to sitting in on lessons.

The Sisters enjoyed getting together and visiting.

Big smiles on their faces meant every one had had their fill of great sandwiches, yogurt, salad and cookies!

We celebrated birthdays with homemade M&M cookies and a round of 'Sto Lot'...of course! Elders Hannemann and Sorn; Sisters Stay and Marshall; and Elder Richards were our birthday recipients.

Judging our Preach My Gospel chase in Warsaw were Sister Briggs, President Nabozny, Elders Eastman and Hillyard (remember they had participated in Bydgoszcz!) and Godfrey.

Ten minutes before 'the Chase' began, the judges were gathered and given a few instructions.

And then it started............

Elders Waits, Smith, Pofelski and Hannemann quickly identifying the '9 Key Indicators' as outlined in Preach My Gospel.

Sisters Marshall, Stay, Ellis and Mann were doing the same. Companionships made up a team. They worked together and could help each other.

Elder Basha trying to remember the '9 Key Indicators' in order so he and his Companion, Elder Plumb, can get the extra points. (You can do it, Elder Basha!) Meanwhile, Sisters Jones and Bailey have got it down!

Elders Johnson, Sheridan, Darowski and Berry writing out 'their purpose' as outlined in Preach My Gospel.

Sisters Bailey and Jones.....again.....have it all figured out!

Elders Waits, Smith, Pofelski and Hannemann as well as....

...Elders Kennedy and Sorn deep in thought as they were striving to get every word correct. Now...

...there is a great friendship between these Elders...but they don't seem to trust each other! Elders Myler and Vreeken, are making sure that Elders Davis and Hooker are doing their own work and Elder Hooker and Davis just want their answers kept secret from Elders Myler and Vreeken!

In the end it was the Zone Leaders- Elders Kennedy and Sorn who had the highest score and got to select their prize. They wanted the JIF Peanut Butter- Super Chunk. Well done Zone Leaders! In fact, all of our missionaries did outstanding!! We were impressed with the knowledge our missionaries have of the scriptures and of Preach My Gospel.
The Warsaw l District. Elders Myler, Vreeken (District Leader), Smith and Waits (in Bialystok) and Sorn and Kennedy. Sisters Mann, Ellis and Briggs (Family History Center). Great missionaries in Warsaw l.
The Warsaw ll District: Elders Davis (District Leader), Hooker; Sheridan and Johnson (Office Elders) Plumb and Basha (serving in Lublin). Sisters Mann, Bailey, Richards (Office Couple) and Elders Hillyard and Eastman (Assistants to the President). Wonderful missionaries in Warsaw ll.
The Lodz District: Elders Pofelski, Hannemann (District Leader), Berry and Darowski. Sisters Marshall and Stay. Elder and Sister Tarasevich stayed in Lodz because of a YSA commitment. We missed them and appreciate all they are doing in Lodz. What great missionaries and what a great branch.
We absolutely have the best sister missionaries in the Church serving in Poland. They are valiant, hard-working, never sick and are outstanding. Sisters Bailey, Mann, Marshall, Stay, Ellis and Jones.
Elder Myler was excellent on our Organ in our Zone Conference. Since we only have one Church owned Chapel in Poland and it has a great organ, we want to use it all we can. So Elder Myler provided his talents for us and did a wonderful service for us all.

As the Meachams left this morning for their new home in Lublin, President and I left for the Wolska Chapel. President had interviews starting at 9:30am. Zone Conference started at 10:30am and ended at 5:00pm. It was a great day and the missionaries participation was exceptional. President had a meeting at 5:00pm with our Physical Facilities manager- what the needs are for 2012, etc. He finished at 6:30pm.

Afterwards, we left from the Wolska chapel for Katowice to be at Zone Conference there in the morning. The drive was never-ending; the traffic was bad. We arrived in Katowice at 10:30pm. A long- but GREAT day in Warsaw. Every day with the missionaries is a GREAT day. Our Elders and Sisters are powerful when they teach. They are obedient to the guidelines of missionary conduct. What better calling could you have than to serve in POLAND and with our missionaries!!!!!

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