Saturday, August 13, 2011

Catching you up on our baptisms the past 2 weeks!

The past two weeks, we have welcomed some incredible people into the church.
Poznan had another baptism! Sisters Leppanen and McAdams were able to invite Jola to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. And she did. A member of the branch, Marion, baptized her.
As did Tadeusz in Katowice who was taught by Elders Curtis and Dabrowski. Our great member, Adrian, performed the baptism.
Jerzy was taught by Elders Hillyard and Eastman. Jerzy is attending the Warsaw II Branch. With them is Robert Magnuski.
Elders Klosowiak and Bode with Jacek. This wonderful baptism was held in Krakow. Jacek will be a great addition to this branch.
We are looking forward to more baptisms in the near future. People are looking for the truth, and we are helping them find it. It is a great work....bringing souls to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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