Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spending a little time in Warsaw...(YEAH!)

It's been great getting to stay home for a few days. Not only do I get to catch up on a few things, but we get to spend some time with some of our hard-working Warsaw missionaries...

...like the great missionaries of the Warsaw II District! Warsaw is an amazing place to serve. There is always something going on and the members are so supportive of our missionaries...helping them with lessons, etc.
Tuesday, we found ourselves at District Meeting. Elder Davis, the District Leader is teaching Lesson 7 "We Teach, They Commit, We Follow up".
Role play time with Elders Hillyard and Davis while the rest of the districts observes and awaits their turn. They were practicing inviting others to read the Book of Mormon and how to follow up on helping them read the "Book of Books".
It' time to officially introduce you to the Warsaw II District.......
(L toR): Elder Basha (serving in Lublin), Elder Hooker (serving in Warsaw), Elder Davis (serving as District Leader in Warsaw), and Elder Plumb (serving in Lublin as the Branch President). Following this meeting, they went on an exchange with those companionships in Lublin and Warsaw ll.

Our wonderful Warsaw II Sisters....Sister Jones and Sister Bailey. (I love our Sisters...they ARE the best!)

And who can forget this crew......the Assistants and Office Elders! (L to R): Elders Eastman, Sheridan, Johnson, and Hillyard. They do so many things to keep the mission running.

Another 'plus' for being home for a few days....We were able to have some great company over for dinner last Sunday. It was nice to not have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the car (which is what most of our Sunday dinners consist of) AND the company was great!

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