Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An last minute trip to Poznan!

Late Monday night after looking at his calendar, President decided that he should drive over to Poznan to take care of some real estate business. If he didn't do it tomorrow, it wouldn't be able to happen for weeks! So, this morning we got up really early and headed west!
One of my favorite things about the drive to Poznan is....(no it's NOT the traffic...it was horrible, even early in the morning! Go figure!) ...these 'animal crossing' bridges. They are beautiful and remind me of a thatched-roof house. Why do I bring this up? Because this is what we came across on our way to Poznan in the middle of nowhere this morning......

A produce truck had somehow hit one of these bridges and there were crates, produce and metal all over! If the trucker survived this accident, it was truly a miracle! Click and blow this picture up. We talk about how crazy the driving is, this is one of the many accidents we see...

Now, the reason for our visit! The Poznan branch is literally 'bursting' it's seams! The missionaries and members have done a great job not only baptizing but activating as well and the chapel is too small. This is a problem we LOVE to solve! So, President Nielson, Elder Buckner (the Branch President) and his companion Elder Fritzsch are waiting for the real estate agent to let them in and check this new sight out. This building is located across from a major police station and around the corner from a major tram station. Most of the members of the branch live closer to this site.

Standing in the chapel that will be 2x bigger than the one the branch is currently meeting in. (That's great!!!! More room for growth!!!) There is some remodeling that will have to be done...a wall removed, the bathroom renovated, the carpet replaced....but it will contain 4 nice size classrooms, a kitchen and a branch president's office that you don't walk through to get to the kitchen. Those that have been to the Poznan branch know what I'm talking about! This could be great!

The signage will be great also. The white sign above the door will be replaced with a sign saying "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". Now all we need to do is work out all the details....Everything takes time, but at least it is starting.

With some business, came some pleasure. We were able to attend District Meeting with these great Missionaries serving in Poznan.....Elders Fritzsch and Buckner and Sisters McAdams and Leppanen. The Lesson this week in the Mission is Lesson #8- "How to Begin Teaching". Then we headed back to Warsaw.....An update on the accident by the bridge. Much had been cleared. Now they were literally shoveling produce into trucks to haul it away. There were still hundreds of boxes of peaches and apples all over the area. This was a terrible scene this morning, and still effected us as we drove by late this afternoon.

It was a fast trip.....9 hours in the car and 3 hours in Poznan....but moving the Poznan chapel is now in progress! It was a good day. And it's always fun to visit with my sweet husband in the car....today, he was rarely on the phone so we had a chance to not only plan out the next few weeks, but just talk as well! Have I mentioned lately that I love him? I DO! He is a great mission president and gives 110% to the work!

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  1. This is great news. I had the opportunity to help find the chapel you are now moving from. When I served in Poznan we were happy to get into the new, now old chapel, it was much larger than the previous one. Congrats to the Poznan branch I'm so happy for you. Loved the city, the people and the members!


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