Monday, August 15, 2011

Adam Nowak on a mission--

Last Saturday, a few of our YSA's got together for a volleyball match. Take note of the guy in the front in the BYU shirt. That is Adam, and 2 days later he found himself in Wroclaw spending time with some of our missionaries.
Adam Nowak (Center) was baptized in Katowice the last week in December 2010. Since then, he has been a great member and support in that growing branch. He was called, and accepted, to serve a mini-mission to Wroclaw. This is his first day as a missionary and with his companions- Elders Tribe and Roberts. They are in the centrum at Wroclaw contacting people. Elder Nowak is a member who is showing his testimony by serving his fellow Poles. Welcome to the mission and thank you for being a great 'example of the believers'.

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  1. Hooray! We were so happy to bump into Adam in the Warsaw II branch on Sunday, just before he left on his mini mission. So excited for him! This will be such a great experience for him, and those he meets.


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