Sunday, August 28, 2011

CCM in Frankfurt Germany....

President Irwin, Elder Schutze and President Nielson in the Area Presidency Office in Frankfurt.

Every Quarter Elder Schutze meets with President Irwin (Czech Republic), President Nielson and the District Presidents from those two missions. The location alternates between those two countries. However, because of schedules the meeting this quarter was in Frankfurt, Germany at the Area Presidency's office.
This trip for President Nielson may top anything that he has experienced. If you have been following the blog, you know of his interesting experiences at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. This time was a classic.
I dropped him off at 4:30pm Friday afternoon for a 6:00pm flight. The plane was late and departed at 7:30pm. They arrived in Frankfurt and because of a bad storm they could not land and circled the city. It was determined to fly to Prague and fuel and wait for better weather. As they were taking off in Prague the airport in Frankfurt closed so they flew back to Warsaw and landed at 1:00am. Where he started.
Lot Airlines then told everyone to be back at 5:30am to continue on thier way to Frankfurt. So 4 1/2 hours later Presdient was at the Warsaw Chopin Airport, boarded the plane and they sat for 2 hours before taking off. Finally after delays, a wild taxi ride in Frankfurt he arrived at the meeting at 10:00am. It was a great meeting, ended at 12:00pm, headed back to the airport only to wait because all the Friday traffic was still being sorted out. Arrived back in Warsaw at 8:30pm. So the trip lasted 28 hours- 8 hours flying, 11 hours waiting, 4 hours sleeping, 2 hours in the meeting, 2 hours standing in lines for new tickets and one hour driving in Germany. He did not look good Sunday morning....

On a great note, however... President was able to visit with Sister Leimer, the mother of Elder Stefan Leimer in our Mission. He is one of our great missionaries in Poland.

President Pawlik was also effected by the bad weather this weekend. Instead of flying home Saturday to Rzeszow, his plane was delayed and came to Warsaw. There was no connecting flight so he stayed the night with us, went to Church in the Warsaw ll branch and translated for President in sacrament meeting. We took him to the airport on our way to Warsaw l for interviews and visits. President Pawlik is a great leader and smiled all the way through this long weekend.

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  1. It doesn't surprise me that President (heh, president) Pawlik smiled all the way through the long weekend. He learned patience as a missionary in Chicago - serving with me.


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