Friday, August 19, 2011

Katowice Zone Conference!

Our last Zone Conference was held in Katowice. It is always a pleasure to be with these great Elders and Sisters...and the weather was beautiful which was an added bonus!The Katowice Zone: Top Row: Elders Bode, Nowak, Ball, Roberts, Hancock, Kalinowski, Hinckley and Klowsowiak. Middle Row: Elders Jensen, Dobrowski, Curtis, Marsing, Siebert, Tanner, Tribe. Sisters Allen and Folsom. Sitting: E/S McGrath, E/S Moon, Sister Sheets.

Elders Hancock, Dabrowski, Tanner and Curtis helping President get all the supplies to the chapel. Yes, sometimes we feel like UPS...and the "Stuff we Need" list was rather long. This is why we didn't take the train to Katowice this trip!

Lots of preparation goes into 'hosting' a Zone Conference. There is food to prepare so it can be put on tables ASAP at lunch...

...chairs to be set up, fans to be placed.....(Good job, Elder Curtis!)...etc. The weather is getting warm- very warm and without A/C the Chapel can become very hot in the afternoon. It was exactly one year ago at our first Zone Conference in Katowice that President and I thought we were going to pass out because it was so hot and humid. Today wasn't quite that bad. But it did rain very hard in the late afternoon. Bright sun one minute, pouring rain the next and bright sun again..

We again met up with Elder Dahl (Europe Area Medical Advisor) and his wife in Katowice where they had inspected clinics and hospitals in Bydgoszcz, Lodz, Kielce and Krakow. Elder and Sister McGrath graciously showed them around Katowice where they were able to designate a great hospital and clinic the missionaries could use here if needed. (They will visit Wroclaw tomorrow then it's back to Frankfurt to consolidate the information and send it to me.)

After morning instruction from President Nielson and myself, it was 'Buki Break' time.

Two of our German Elders, Bode (Krakow) and Siebert (Katowice), were glad to converse in their 'native tongue' for a few minutes. These are great missionaries and hard-working.

Elders Ball (Wroclaw), Jensen (Katowice), and Kalinowski (Krakow) enjoying the lunch break... well as Elders Roberts (Wroclaw), Hancock (Krakow) and Marsing (Wroclaw).

Visiting with President Nielson are Elders Hinckley (Krakow), Tanner (Kielce) and Ball (Wroclaw). Elder Hinckley always takes his tie off to avoid any unnecessary dry cleaning bills for his ties.

After lunch, it was birthday time.....a little 'Sto Lot' and cookies for Elder Tribe and Sister Sheets-both serving in Wroclaw. Happy Birthday to these great missionaries.

The Judges in training for the Katowice Zone Preach My Gospel Chase...Elder and Sister Moon, Sister Dahl, Elder and sister McGrath and Sister Sheets.

Having enough Senior Missionary judges, the Assistants made themselves the 'PMG Chase Police' other words, No Cheating!

Explaining the rules of the Chase to the participants....President Nielson looking on ready to man the clock for the timed portions of the event.

After I read a quote from Preach My Gospel, everyone had 20 seconds to find and put their finger on it in order to get a point.

Hands off the books until they heard 'GO!' Elders Jensen and Siebert demonstrate how this is done.

Elders Roberts and Tribe had the help of Adam Nowak who is serving a mini-mission with them in Wroclaw. Adam did a great job....even though his Preach My Gospel was in polish, he was able to find the quotes alongside his companions! Elder Tribe seemed to get most of the answers correct and was first.

The Moons making sure their teams (Elders bode and Klosowiak and Sisters Allen and Folsom) had the correct answer.

Because companionships were teams, they were able to help each other find the correct answer....Elder Hancock is making sure Elder Tanner's finger is in the right place. 2 points for this team!

Elders Roberts, Tribe and Adam writing out 'their purpose' as found in Preach My Gospel...
word for word, of course!

Elder Bode and Elder Klosowiak listing the '9 Key Indicators' and trying to remember their order.

Across the table, Sister Folsom and Sister Allen make sure no one steals their answers!

The Zone Leaders, Elders Dabrowski and Curtis 'zipping' through the scripture reference part of the chase.
When all points were added up,
Elders Hinckley and Kalinowski took home the prize...Tootsie Rolls and Strawberry Twizzlers! Well done you great Elders from Krakow.
After the Preach My Gospel Chase, President Nabozny reviewed the revised language program that is being utilized to help our missionaries speak better (and more correct) Polish.

Elders Hillyard and Eastman are demonstrating "contacting methods" with Elders Curtis, Bode and Dabrowski. This "role play" session lasted for a few minutes and then many were called on to get a quick First Discussion in English and Polish. It was fun and showed how well the missionaries are prepared and qualified. With practice comes improvement!

The Zone Leaders, Elders Dabrowski and Curtis, teach how to "Follow-up" with investigators on their commitments. They did a great job, and Elder Dabrowski's demonstration of lighting a tea bag on fire worked perfectly. These are great leaders who set a great example of how to do missionary work.
The Wroclaw Distric:- Elder Adam Nowak (from Katowice serving a mini-mission with Elders Tribe and Roberts), Elders Marsing, Ball, Roberts and Tribe (District Leader). Sister and Elder Moon (YSA and MLS) and Sister Sheets (Family History Center). A great district serving in a wonderful branch.
The Krakow District: Elders Bode, Klosowiak (District Leader) and Kalinowski all serving in Krakow with a newly baptized convert- Jacek; Elder Tanner (serving in Kielce). Seated are Elders Hinckley (Krakow) and Hancock (Kielce). Great Elders... great energy.

The Katowice District: Elders Siebert (District Leader), Jensen, Dabrowski (Zone Leader), and Curtis (Zone Leader). Seated: Elder and Sister McGrath (YSA and MLS), Sisters Allen and Folsom. What a great spirit in this District and Branch. The McGraths have brought such a wonderful spirit and level of enthusiasm to the Branch. The missionaries are outstanding.

President with his First Counselor, Richard Nabozny. President Nabozny accompanied us to all of the Zone Conferences last week. He taught part of the Polish lessons and started a new course to assist our missionaries with the language. President Nabozny will be missed. He and his family are moving to Hungary for further education. He was an outstanding counselor and served with all his heart, might, mind and strength. We wish he, Asia and Dougie all the best and hope they return to Poland very soon.
Elders Curtis and Dabrowski are getting ready to send Adrian Urban off on his mini-mission. Elder Urban will be serving in Poznan. The Katowice Branch will now have two missionaries on mini-missions at the same time. Adrian has brought three of his friends into the Church simply by opening his mouth and inviting them to come with him. He is a great member and missionary. He is one of the reasons the Katowice Branch is on fire. Thank you, Adrian, and for serving a mission.
After the Zone Conference, we had a few minutes before our fireside started. As we collected our thoughts, we looked out the window and saw Elders Jensen and Siebert out contacting everyone they saw. They are valiant and fearless.
What a great day and a great week with Zone Conferences. We love our missionaries and all they are striving to become.

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  1. your "Preach my gospel" chasing reminds me of seminary scripture chases! You are so clever! Hope all is well and you are feeling good. Lisa told me you had a visitor this week. She said Cameron came to Poland! How fun is that! Our family is doing well. I just got back from taking Blake and Jordan up to college. I cried most of the way home! I don't want to be an empty nester:( Eric and Jill just got a new baby girl, Ruth Etta ringer and in July Sarah and Nate got another little girl, Claire Emma ringer! We are blessed. Love you guys! You are a great example! Melinda


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