Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poland goes to EFY!!!

A few weeks ago our Polish youth were able to participate in an International EFY held in Germany. Over 200 in all attended, and everyone had a great time!
Activities were varied.....from designing our own flag.... listening to great speakers.

From playing fun games to...
...participating in the Talent Show.
It was a great time to not only meet new friends, but to bond with Polish friends as well...since most youth live so far away from each other.
Can you tell what this is? A group picture....spelling POLSKA! Have we got creative youth or what! It was a great week with lots of great memories. Thanks for the invitation! Not only did our youth have a wonderful time mingling with those who had the same standards as they did, but it was a week of strengthening their testimonies. A special thank you to Ewa and Bartek for taking such good care of our youth!

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