Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday in Katowice...

The Katowice Branch has a new Branch Presidency....Pictured above is Elder McGrath ( 1st Counselor) President Krzykawski (who has been serving as the Branch President for a number of years) and President Wrzesinski (2nd Counselor). These men do much in making sure this branch runs smoothly. Thank you for all you do!

President Nielson and Rafal.....Rafal is a valuable member of the branch and a great translator. He is heading a branch service project that will soon be carried out at the Jewish Cemetary.

Some of the beautiful women (and leaders) of the Katowice Branch....(L toR): Dorota, Helena, Aneta, Gosia and Marta. And what happened to Helena's son, Adrian........

....Saturday morning he was met by Elders Fritszch and Buckner in Poznan. He is doing fabulous serving his mini-mission there!

Now, some other great members and investigators of the Katowice Branch...

The youngest person in church today was Max (5 weeks). Here he is with his brothers and Dad and Mom.
New member, Tadeusz, and Grzegorz who serves as the financial clerk in the branch.

Our Katowice missionaries....Elders Siebert (District Leader) and Dabrowski (Zone Leader), Tadeusz, Sisters Allen and Folsom and Gosia, Relief Society President of the Katowice Branch. We appreciate the hard work of the missionaries and the members as we love and fellowship investigators and new converts into the church.
Elder Curtis and Dabrowski (Zone Leaders) with two of their Investigators...Lukasz and Oskar. These two young men are fabulous....they are reading the Book of Mormon because they want to know the truth.
A trip to Katowice without posting a picture of Tomek would not be complete. Here is Tomek, one of the most loving and caring members of the branch, with President Wrzesinski.

Speaking of loving and caring, Elder and Sister McGrath (YSA and MLS missionaries) made President and myself a great lunch to eat on the way home....complete with my favorite chips! That was so thoughtful..Thank you! Not that I don't love peanut butter and jelly, but I will probably never eat another one once I leave Poland!

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