Monday, August 8, 2011

A Sunday in the Mission Field!

Preparing for all that was to happen on Sunday, August 7th, actually started the night before.

President Nielson is putting the 'finishing touches' on an item that is not very common in Poland, an official missionary plaque!

This plaque actually came to Poland in 'pieces' where it was taken into a trophy store here in Warsaw to have it engraved. (No Polish lettering in Las Vegas!) 3 Nephi 13:21 is this Elder's favorite scripture. This plaque was completed and traveled with us to Lublin where it will hang on a wall in Elder Gladun's branch until he has completed his 2-year, full-time mission. He is currently serving in Gdansk.

Sunday morning we were up early and were heading to Lublin to attend church there.

Along the way, we passed this Catholic church built literally in the middle of nowhere. A few of it's faithful patrons were making their way up a road to attend church. There was nothing for miles around this Church and yet at 7:45am there are two elderly ladies walking the many miles to Church. These are good people here.

We also passed this sign: a warning that there are 'ruts' in the roads. This is a very popular sign in Poland.

And there were ruts in the road for miles! I hope you can click on this picture and blow it up. The big heavy trucks travel these roads so much that cars almost ride in these carved out furrows in the road.

We arrived at the chapel in Lublin just in time to see the Branch President, Elder Plumb, shining his shoes.....getting ready for Sunday! (Does anyone remember the Primary song about that?)

The Lublin Branch.....some new faces.....and more to come!

Nathan Meacham is working here in Lublin. He will be joined by his family in a few days. He is the Gospel Doctrine teacher and along with his translator, he does a great job. Brother Mecham is coming from Mesa, Arizona. He recently served in the Lazona Ward (the old 15th ward) with President's Uncle Lars. What a small world. He lived on 2nd Street and President lived on 3rd Street while growing up in Mesa.

Beata and her son, Mikolaj, holding her oldest son's, Elder Gladun, plaque. A very proud mother....and she should be! Elder Gladun and his companion, Elder Garrett, just hit the 'Standard of Excellence' last week. Not an easy task....especially in Gdansk where they are serving.

Lacey and Troy Potter are also living in Lublin and adding much to this great branch...and it is growing! He has work here and hopefully will be here for another couple of years.

Elder Basha and Elder Plumb with an investigator, Lester.

It was so great to meet and worship with the Saints in Lublin. We had to cut our visit short, however......we needed to get back to Warsaw for afternoon meetings....

...and start the crazy drive home. Sunday afternoons are always exciting driving back into Warsaw. Look at this picture, the car on the far left has to move off on the shoulder to make room for the guy going down the middle of the road. This is normal. Just move out of the way and nobody gets hurt. This all looks easy but remember these cars are all traveling at 70-80 miles an hour (not Kilometers per hour) with trucks and farm tractors on the roads also.

This Sunday we met up with the 'Free Horses'...a Polish motorcycle club. For some reason we all moved over as they flew by.

Crossing the Wisla River, we made it back to Warsaw in record time.....Why the rush, you ask?

Because there were still many activities awaiting us on this busy late Sunday afternoon! President Nielson had a YSA Council Committee meeting with our new council. (L to R) Kasia translated while Marta took charge of the meeting....She is our new YSA Council Rep. Also attending were Elder and Sister Simons (CES Coordinators), and Elder and Sister Richards (YSA Leaders-Warsaw). At the end of this meeting we ended our Fast. Our mission held a special fast today to help with the work here; and wherever our missionaries were at 17:00, we all knelt and prayed to end our Fast as a mission.

As this meeting was going on.....

...these great YSA's were helping me get not only dinner ready but refreshments as well for the YSA Fireside that was about to start. (L to R): Solongo, Kamila, Dominik (yes, he has a huge bump on his accident! 5 stitches) and Alex. Thank you for ALL your help....I would have never been able to get everything ready without you!!! You are the best!!!

We had a great YSA fireside that night. Our special speakers were President and Sister Jarosz (far left). They shared their conversion story and how they met. It was great to know more about this wonderful couple! The Assistants, Elders Eastman and Hillyard, with a new Investigator. (Our Assistants also attained the Standard of Excellence this week. Good work!)

(L to R) Sisters Ellis and Mann with their Investigator, Paulina, who is getting baptized in a few weeks. Also, Marta-the new YSA Rep. for Warsaw and the Simons who graciously offered these girls a ride home!

The Jarosz' with their daughters, Sara and Ada. Welcome home Ada! She has been attending BYU Provo for the last 2 Semesters and is excited to get back to school in the Fall.

Now, it was late, I was tired, President was in an interview, and our Home Teachers were waiting to home teach us. We have great Home Teachers. After helping with the clean-up in the kitchen, they saw another need that we had...

MOSQUITOES!!! Some mosquitoes had flown into the Mission Home as people were leaving and my Home Teachers were taking care of the problem! (This time of year, it is a real problem. We are getting eaten alive.)

Dominik and Emil were 'flying' through the air trying to rid our home of these pests. I have to say.....I WAS impressed. Emil actually caught this mosquito.

There were only a 'few' mishaps. But once we straighted the decor and got the tablecloth off the picture, everything was back to normal and we were 'mosquito-free'.

After some great service, a thought and a prayer we felt loved and taken care of.

And what became of the Interview that President Nielson was having while we were being 'de-bugged'?

She got a recommend! Alex is heading to London in a few weeks to receive her Patriarchal blessing....and she is excited!

Yes, it has been a VERY full and diverse day... but a wonderful day. I love spending time with the Saints in Poland. They are incredible. They have strong testimonies. They are great examples to their friends. Great things are happening in doubt about it....and the members have A LOT to do with it. Thank you for the COUNTLESS hours you spend on lessons with the Missionaries as they bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Poland. WE LOVE YOU ALL!


  1. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and post! I love these young adults! They add so much to our branch! Did you know that Alex and Kamila are going to be my visiting teachers...they have never been visiting teachers .... so their first request is that I teach them "how"....isn't that a wonderful attitude! Jackie

  2. Hooray for Alex! I met her when I was in Poland last month (she sat by me in Relief Society and volunteered me to read from D&C, I performed VERY poorly)! She's the sweetest! Oh how I love seeing Polish missionaries! My sister met the elder from Lodz last year when they were both in the Preston, England MTC together. Very exciting!


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