Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday in Lodz...

On the way to Lodz!!! We left Warsaw really early Sunday morning just in case we ran into traffic. We have passed this grain elevator many times and each time President has said that he wanted a picture of it. (Remember his father, uncles and grandfather owned a grain elevator for a number of years in Mesa, AZ) Today we had time to pull off and take the picture.The most intriguing thing about this grain elevator is the huge, sturdy barbed-wire fence that surrounds the area....obviously not wanting anyone in that wasn't authorized. Today, it looks abandoned. It sits out in the middle of nowhere but must have been important and well guarded.
Another picture we have wanted to take...We call this the 'Ferris Bueller' jump (you'd understand if you had seen the movie). The first time President went over this railroad crossing he was going a little too fast; and yes, we caught some air! We now know to be careful! It was quite the memorable "jump" we took that first time.

And what would a trip on a Polish highway be without an accident. This one involved a motorcycle. It didn't look good! But I can't believe there aren't MORE accidents considering how fast and reckless some of these drivers are! Its an 'all-out race' many times on these roads!

These 'blocks' just caught my eye....I had to take a picture of them. This is in Konin, and they are very usual, the picture doesn't do them justice!

We got to Lodz in plenty of time, so President and I decided to take a walk around the block. To our amazement we saw several abandoned buildings with this unique feature.....TREES growing out of the roofs! Does that let you know how much rain they get here! All of these buildings were found just down the street from the Lodz chapel. Across from a major mall, just part of the amazing sites in Poland. You see so many interesting things.

Walking into the Lodz chapel, Krzystof (the Elder's Quorum President) is already there arranging the chairs making sure the chapel looks great for the meeting to start at 10 am.

Our Lodz Elders: Elders Pofelski, Darowski, Berry and Hannemann visiting with President Nielson.

President Jarosz (2nd Counselor in the Mission Presidency) was attending the Lodz Branch today on special assignment to call and sustain Brother Marion Poludniekiewicz as a member of the Warsaw District Presidency. The setting apart took place following the meeting. President Poludiekiewicz will be a great addition to Presidents Zelewski and Dressler.

The Lodz Branch is also the home of a Polish Elder who is serving in the England London South Mission. Elder Tarasevich (Branch President)and Brother Dierra (1st Counselor) show Elder Wojtysiak's mission plaque that will be displayed in the branch until this good Elder returns home.

My good friend Wioletta! She is a great translator and does so much to help this Branch (and the Church in Poland). She helped me through my talk today...Thank You! She helps with General Conference translations and other publications from the Church.

Sisters Stay and Marshall along with Sara Jarosz who was here visiting with her family...her dad had church business to attend to. The Sisters were delighted to teach Sara in Young Womens!

3 Generations.....Grandmother, Maria; Mother, Agata and Frances. Agata and her husband, Tim, were able to get recommends to receive their Patriarchal blessings. Soon as they are traveling to England to do so.
The Lodz Branch is doing great....thank you to all the wonderful members, missionaries and our senior missionary couple, the Tarasevich's....we love you all!
Tonight we head up to Bydgoszcz to start a week of Zone Conferences!!! Back on the road again...

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