Sunday, August 21, 2011

An unexpected family visitor!!!

Because we were able to leave Katowice right after church, we were able to beat the traffic coming into Warsaw on a Sunday night. Arriving about 5:oo pm, we quickly unpacked and I started dinner. Why? We were being visited by a family member!
This is Cameron, my brother's son, who was here in Warsaw for a few days for work. It was so great to have him over for dinner and to visit with him for a while. Here he is taking a Polish Book of Mormon and some pamphlets to help us spread the gospel here in Poland. Cameron is a returned missionary who served his mission in Kiev, Ukraine. Polish is very similar and he is able to understand some.

President especially loved 'picking' Cameron's brain regarding his mission experience in Kiev. The missions are similiar in many ways. It's always good to talk about new opportunites to spread the work. Cameron, it was great to have you here... come again! He misses his wife and baby daughter back in Boston. We would love to see other family members ...(you know who you are!)

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  1. So fun! I heard from Lisa that Cameron was coming your way! That's great! How are you? Mont and I miss you. We just became empty nesters and we need friends to hang out with; we are lonely!! Devin and her family are well. I loved your "Preach My gospel" game - sounds like Scripture Mastery!! Love, Melinda


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