Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leadership Meeting....August 30, 2012

Our Leadership meeting was held at the Wolska Chapel on Thursday. All of the Zone Leaders and District Leaders traveled in for this training. We have new leaders who needed this meeting. Seated: Elders Gladun (Zone Leader Bydgoszcz), Basha (Assistant), Jensen (Assistant), Polfelski (Zone Leader Warsaw). Middle Row: Elders Myler (District Leader Gdansk), Gudnason (District Leader Bygdoszcz), Hooker (District Leader Warsaw I), Szymanski (Krakow), Johnson (District Leader Lodz), Fletcher (District Leader Warsaw II), Vreeken (Zone Leader Katowice), Zelezniak (Krakow). Back Row: Elders Dopp (Office), Rogers (Bialystok), Mikolyski (District Leader Katowice), Van Bakel (Szczecin), Walter (District Leader Krakow), Tiner (District Leader Poznan), Bode (District Leader Wroclaw).

Our meeting started on time and everyone was getting ready with their training booklets. Elders Hooker and Szymanski (6'4" and 6'7") with Elders Van Bakel, Gladun and Tiner.

This was a great day and we met in the Relief Society room. We covered a lot of material and also had a beautiful musical number by Elder Dopp, accompanied by Elder Myler.

I spoke on the 'Power of Example' in leadership...using an object lesson with toothpaste. Your example is so difficult to take back. Just like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube. "What you DO rings so loud in my ears, that I can't hear what you say." A mission leader ALWAYS sets a good example!

After instruction from President Nielson and Elder Basha (1st Assistant), it was time to break for lunch.

You never have to worry about leftovers when feeding Missionaries. They eat until it's gone!

In the afternoon, the missionaries received more instruction from President Nielson and Elder Jensen (2nd Assistant). Duties of a Zone Leader and District Leader were gone over thoroughly. With so many new missionaries and young leaders, we now feel better equipped to lead the mission how the Brethren have directed us.

Those leaders coming from the Bydgoszcz Zone: Elders Gladun, Van Bakel, Tiner, Gudnasen and Myler.

Those leaders coming from the Katowice Zone: Elders Zelezniak, Vreeken, Bode, Mikolyski, Szymanski and Walter.

Those leaders coming from the Warsaw Zone: Elders Dopp, Hooker, Pofelski, Johnson, Rogers and Fletcher. Kneeling: Elders Basha and Jensen. So where are their Junior companions?

Most were in their cities with other companionships. Those that traveled in or are assigned here in Warsaw were out contacting....finding those that would like to hear about God's plan for them! Elders Hayes, Roberts, Manwill, Register, Bokinsky and Baranowski.

After a meeting like this, someone has to clean up! We appreciate the Warsaw Zone Leader and his District Leaders taking on this project! That is something that is learned early in this to set up and take down for a meeting! Elders Hooker (District Leader-Warsaw I), Pofelski (Zone Leader) and Fletcher (District Leader-Warsaw II).

It's time to head out, catch trains and get home in time to teach and plan.

Carrying supplies and mail (Yeah!) is always standard for missionaries when traveling back to
their cities.

I haven't seen the Assistants lately....

Found them! They were out contacting in front of the church. Talking to everyone is what we do. It was a great meeting with these tremendous Elders. There is a powerful spirit when the missionaries are together. These are such wonderful occasions. These are the days that wear you out; but you feel so good. You see what the Lord can do with valiant Elders. There is no better place to be than on a mission. I pray that every young man (and if possible young women) prepare and plan to serve a mission. When you give your best to the Lord, you always get more than the Best in return. I love being on a mission!

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