Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An exciting piece of mail arrives at the Mission Home...

Every week or so I go out and check our mail. Why so seldom? Because we never get anything but junk mail! But today is different... We got a letter from our daughter, Devin. Humm...that's strange. Opening the letter, I was a bit confused. Below is all that was in the envelope. What could it mean? An airline boarding pass for January 29, 2013? It's just for me and not President. What's this all about? I then remembered it's from my daughter and.... we are so excited!!! Congratulations!!
(I have had about 20 emails regarding this. My daughter Devin sent this to announce she is expecting a baby boy on January 29, 2013. She is hoping I can come home for this great event. We now have Devin and Avery expecting. Sorry if I didn't make this very clear. Thank you dear friends for your emails)

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