Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transfer Day has arrived!

Everyone was up bright this morning ready to head out to their assigned areas. The entire group was heading to the Central Train Station. The downtown area is congested due to hitting water while digging the Metro line going East and West, so we left a little early and found everything fine. Standing in companionships: Elders Wilson, Hancock, Cieslak, Bode, Neuner, Tanner, Garfield, Van Bakel, Weir, Gudanson, Tingey, Marsing, Myler, Harris, Vernon, Mikolyski, Johnson and Godwin. Because it was still early in the morning, we had plenty of parking spots across from the Palace of Culture and Science (the Stalin Building). We had four cars full of Missionaries and everyone's luggage in the transporter. It was quite a scene, and people were all wondering what was going on.The weather was ideal. What a great new beginning for the mission. Off to the Perons and to meet the trains.One last view of this tremendous group. We may not have another chance to see everyone together. They did not want to stand for long, because they were anxious to get started. (If you look closely, you can see that we 'picked up' a few other transferring Missionaries who were waiting to board trains to their newly assigned cities.) There they go ... off to their various cities! Everyone headed down the stairs to the trains. Again, it was quite the scene in the Train Station.

The morning is still early, and there is much to do. Our departing Missionaries show up in a few hours. But this transfer is different! I used to have to 'lug' all the laundry from the basement (where as many as 10 Elders stay at a time) to the laundry room located on the 4th floor. Not today! Below is a scene from my '2nd' laundry room located in the basement. Now, I just walk a few steps to do all the 'basement laundry'. It's wonderful!
'Some' of the laundry that will need to be done....

My new washer (which is much bigger than my washer upstairs!)....making sure I put it on the right cycle. (All directions are in Polish)

My new dryer (again much bigger than my one upstairs!)...more or less doing the same! A special THANK YOU to everyone involved that made this new Mission Home purchase a reality. (It is cheaper than treatment in a mental hospital, right!) I LOVE MY NEW WASHER AND DRYER! Better go.....more Missionaries are coming!


  1. I'm wondering where the sister missionaries are?

    Congrats on your new laundry room!

    Thanks for ALL that you do to serve the Lord.

    Sincerely, Sisora Peterson's mom

  2. I'm glad you got those new machines. I am amazed at the amount of laundry and cooking you do. We pray for you to have strength and blessings...maybe we should pray for a Thanks so much for all you do. It is a blessing to us that our son is in such good hands....both temporally and especially spiritually. May God bless the Nielsons!
    Leah Bokinsky

  3. Oh the little things that make our lives a blessing!!! Lydia fells the same when it is time to do her laundry, our washer is on the 1st floor and her room is on the 4th floor. I am still praying for a dryer in our house.


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