Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adam receives his mission call!

Every once in awhile one of THESE letters shows up at the Mission Office. It is always exciting!

It's a 'Mission Call' addressed to President Nielson....but the 'call' is not for him! Who is it for?

A very lucky young man in Katowice....Adam! Adam has been waiting weeks for this packet to come. Opening this envelope will change his life!

As Adam reads the letter..."you have been called to labor in the England Birmingham Mission"!

Members of the Katowice Branch come out for Adam's 'opening the call' ceremony: Elders Mikolyski, Rogers and Waits; Dorota, Aneta, Pawel, Rafal, Konrad, Adrian and Elder Rittmanic.

Congratulations, Adam! We know you will serve well and represent not only your Savior, Jesus Christ, but Poland as well. He reports the first of November to the MTC in England. We are proud of you and excited for this sacred privilege you have. (Above: Adam and Elder McGrath, Katowice Branch President)

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