Wednesday, August 15, 2012

YSA's in HUNGARY....the photos!

You saw the blog post of our YSA's going to the Conference in you can see what they did! Above is a group picture of the 200+ YSA's living mostly in Eastern Europe...although 22 countries were represented.
Conference was full of great events.... Let's start with great Institute classes that were full of the Spirit. Since the 'universal language' used at the Conference was English, translators were needed. Ada is shown above translating the lesson/discussions into Polish.
Not only did the Conference fulfill spiritual needs, but it was full of great activities like... ....hikes and service projects....
(SOME of our Polish athletes...Adrian, Damian, Adam, Arek and Oskar...) The days were packed and so were the nights. Dances and firesides were planned each evening. (Above: Cody, Ada, Jasmine, Odys) (Ewa, Dagmara, Damian and Magda) (Marta, Ada, Agnieszka, a new Romania friend!, Marta and Dominika) (Adrian, Arek, Michol, Martyna and Gracja---and a few YSA's from other countries.)Our YSA's from Poland had a blast! And...they were the 'life of the party'.Getting 'most' of the Polish YSA's together for a group shot! What a great group to represent the church in Poland at the YSA Conference held in Hungary. Testimonies were strengthened along with bonds of friendship. They are all anxious to go next year....where the Conference will be held in the Czech Republic.

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