Wednesday, August 8, 2012

P-Day with the Warsaw Missionaries

I can probably count the number of P-days that President Nielson and I have taken in the last 2 years on one hand. That's why when I got not just one but TWO invitations to accompany our missionaries on a P-Day....I decided I had to go! Besides, it was Monday and President Nielson had much to do and would enjoy not being disturbed...

So...I first went to lunch with our Assistants, Elder Myler and Elder Basha. They have been telling me that they knew 'the best kebab place ever' in Warsaw and wanted to take me there. Having never eaten a "real" kebab while in Poland (they can be sketchy!), I decided to trust them. They were right!!!! It was delicious!

As we were finishing our lunch, in came Elders Szymanski and Pofelski (Warsaw II). They were going to pick up a quick lunch before going bowling with the rest of the Warsaw Elders. (Remember, today's P-Day!) They were very polite and invited me to come along....but I had a better offer!

The Warsaw sisters were all meeting at the Warsaw Zoo and had invited me to come along. This is the gate to the entrance...I thought it was very cool.

As we walked into the Zoo, we saw this unusual 'park bench'.....made from real grass!

It was a great place for a group photo...Sister Holmgren, Sister Peterson, Sister Sheahan and Sister Forsey....our 4 hard-working sisters serving in the Warsaw I and II Branches.

We were surprised at the number of animals found at the zoo. Everything you could imagine from tigers to elephants to rhinos to...

... Giraffes! They were at least 6 of them....mothers, babies. They were quite magestic and got the award for 'My Favorite Animal at the Warsaw Zoo'. Even though the day was getting hot, the animals were up and walking around all through the zoo.

Speaking of getting hot....nothing cools you off as quick as a yummy ice cream cone and a cold bottle of water. It was so fun to be with the Sisters today. It's great to get to know them on another level. They are all full of fun and have a great spirit about them always. It was a great P-Day for I won't forget! Now...back to missionary work and never a dull moment! I love my mission!


  1. Thank you for the photos. They are wonderful!
    -Sandy Peterson, mom of Siostra Peterson : )

  2. So glad you got to enjoy a p-day!!! Looks fun!

  3. I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A KEBAB! literally, my jaw dropped. The sisters look so cute! If you see them tell them I say hi!


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