Friday, August 3, 2012

Zone Leader Council....August 2012.

(LtoR): Elders Jensen and Hooker (Bydgoszcz Zone Leaders), Elder Waits (Katowice Zone Leader), Elders Basha and Myler (Assistants). We held Zone Leader Council today even though we had things going against us. Elder Fletcher had the flu and there were other conflicts. So we were few in numbers but big in motivation and spirit. The mission has 22 new Elders coming in over the next three transfers (we have 44 Elders total in Poland). So we have a lot of planning and training ahead. This means many new senior companions, District Leaders, Zone Leaders etc. These leaders really set forth some great plans to make sure the water gets to the end of the row. Like July, I am sure August (September also) will come and go before I know what hit.

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  1. Ooooh la la! This is quite exciting! I love all those elders so much and can't wait to hear/see all the new assignments and where this MTC group will be going!


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