Monday, August 27, 2012

Some familiar faces visit the Mission Home...

Before, in between and after transfers, we had visitors coming and going from the Mission Home. It is always great to visit with our former Missionaries, catch up on their lives and talk about great memories of the mission. Elder Tribe (with his friend, Whitney) are on their way home from a 4-month humanitarian trip to Uganda. Sister Leppanen had come back to Poland from Helsinki to visit friends in Poznan, and we were able to visit with her for awhile. One of the favorite things to do for a former missionary is to see a piece of their tie, scarf or sweater actually hung on the 'tie board'. Sister Leppanen quickly picked her's out... did Elder Tribe. This is a very popular spot in the mission home. Lots of memories are brought back to mind when they stand in front of it. Elder Tribe brought us a gift from Uganda...a most unusual piece of art made by a woman who has started her own business using the small business management skills taught by volunteers like the ones you see above. The artist is a returned missionary and active member of the church in Uganda. She won an award for being the most creative, potentially successful entrepreneur in her class. The picture was made from layered fibers of banana leaves. It is the Salt Lake Temple....where President Nielson and I were sealed. Also visiting us in the last few days were the Kuhles....both former Polish Missionaries and both taught us in the MTC in the months before we left for Poland. It was great to see them both and catch up on what is happening in their lives. We had a great visit with this wonderful couple.
Another familiar face....but this time coming from Utah. Elder Finch and Elder Hillyard (former Poland Warsaw Missionary) were able to meet and visit about the mission before Elder Finch entered the MTC on August 22nd. We look forward to meeting this new Elder in October. For now, he is immersed in studying Polish and Preach My Gospel like the rest of his group.
The Mission Home is now empty for a few hours...just President Nielson and me wandering the halls! We are in the process of trying to regroup as President Nielson gets ready for a Leadership Training Meeting, a Warsaw District Priesthood Training Meeting with members AND Zone Conferences start next week. Never a dull moment on a mission! We love it!

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