Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Missionary takes a Medical Leave....

In the course of trying to get all the Missionaries interviewed, we had set up a Warsaw Sisters dinner/interview night at the Mission Home. Little did we know then that it was going to turn into something more... (LtoR): Sister Young, Sisters Holmgren & Forsey (Warsaw II), Sisters Sheahan & Peterson (Warsaw I). Sister Young, who has been serving in Wroclaw, will be leaving us for awhile. She has developed some health problems that after many tests, the doctors have not been able to come up with the proper treatment. So...it's back to the States. Just in case the Lord decides to send her somewhere else other than Poland to finish her mission, she let me cut a piece of a skirt to leave here with us. We love our Sister Missionaries! They know how to work, they are fearless, they talk to everyone; and they all are just great missionaries- in every way.
Taking advantage of having all our Warsaw Sisters at the Mission Home and Sister Young, we all sat down to a nice Sunday dinner to break our fast. The interesting thing about feeding Sisters is you ALWAYS have leftovers. But not for long....a few quick calls and we have Elders that are more than happy to drop by and take whatever is left over!Our Office Elders, Elder Gudnason and Elder Dopp, did a nice job of finishing the food....and even took a brownie for the road! These Elders are very good at managing office work and missionary work. They truly deserve a good meal every now and then! They do a great job, and we love them both. At 5:00am this morning, we were at Chopin International Airport alive and ready for the day. True to form, this airport experience was different. AirFrance had moved over to Terminal 2. Their desk to pay for excess luggage (the airlines only allow for one bag- like missionaries go for two years with one bag...) was in a new area, Sister Young had to repack her carry-on bag to meet those weight requirements... but she made it through security. We will miss Sister Young and pray that the doctors will find what is causing her illness. We hope she returns but we know she will be a missionary always. We love you and you are in our prayers!

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