Friday, August 17, 2012

YSA activity at the Jarosz dzialka.

The YSA's in Warsaw headed out for a great activity. It started at the castle ruins at Gorze Kalwari. Over 400 years ago, the Wisla river ran right up alongside this castle. The river changed course after a major flood, and now the river is more than a kilometer away.Arsene from Poznan and Ewa from Bydgoszcz joined Marta, Kamil, Ada, Kamila and Daniel from Italy for this fun event.

This was a perfect afternoon and the weather was cool and nice. Having great friends to enjoy the day was icing on the cake. Kamila, Marta and Ewa.Ada did a great job planning this activity. They spent about an hour having fun and touring this beautiful area.The group that came: Elder and Sister Jensen, Arsene, Kamila, Marta, Ewa, Kamil, Daniel, Ada and Sister and President Jarosz. (I think this was the first time President let his picture be taken wearing Levis! Yes, he does own some!)Then it was time to head over to the Jarosz dzialka. It was grill time, and President Jarosz took over.

The food was great and plenty of it. Everyone pitched in to prepare everything, and it was fun to sit and visit.As it got dark and the sky was calm, Ada and President Jarosz came out with Chinese Lanterns.They lit the small candles and the heat was captured in the clothe balloons and soon it was lift off time.

This was amazing. They glowed and up in the sky they went, higher and higher. This was so fun and impressive to see.Around the campfire. What a fun activity and what great YSA's we have in Poland. Thank you Ada for planning this. Thank you Sister and President Jarosz for having everyone come to your place. Thank you YSA's for being such fun and faithful members of the Church. We love each one of you!

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