Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Missionary Sunday in Warsaw...

I finally was able to get the missionary plaques for our Warsaw II missionaries finished. This is quite a process...I still have to get a few pieces of the plaques sent from the States. Little by little, however, the guys at the trophy store are understanding what I want and are able to accommodate me.
Sister Modzelewska is serving in the Romania/Moldova Mission. She is loving her mission and the people there. The scripture on her plaque was one chosen by her. Her plaque will hang on the wall at the Warsaw II chapel. As will...
...this plaque made for Elder Lyzwinski who is serving in the Washington Tacoma Mission. Elder Lyzwinski is serving well and being obedient. He, too, chose the scripture used on his mission plaque.
Elder Lyzwinski's mother, Anna, and twin sisters were pleased to see his plaque. No smiles from his sisters.....they are losing teeth are a little shy about it!
Since I was at the Warsaw II Branch, I started to 'snoop' around... And this is what I found...
The Young Women's program is growing!!!! The Young Women of the Warsaw II Branch with two of their leaders, Karolina and Sister Staples.
Making my way down the hall to the Primary room....I found this!
Warsaw II's Primary is growing! You were able to hear most of these great young members perform tonight at the Missionary Musical Fireside.
What's that, you ask?
Our Mission is FULL of musically talented young people! President Nielson asked Elder Myler if he could organize a Missionary Fireside using this talent to spread the gospel. No problem!!
Quartets, solos, group singing were all incorporated into the program...along with passages from Preach My Gospel telling about the Plan of Happiness, The Apostacy, the Ministry of the Savior and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this dispensation. We thank our great members: Sister Gorniak, Brother Zielonka, Brother Grotek, Sister Kulinicz, Brother Borowski and Sister Wisniewska for the parts they played in this wonderful presentation using music and the spoken word.
The Missionaries of the Warsaw I and II Branches: Elders Dopp, Fletcher, Raines, Gudneson, Szymanski, Pofelski, Basha, Bokinski and Siebert. (Elder Myler was on the organ!). Sisters Sheahan, Peterson, Holmgren and Forsey.
Soon, the Wolska chapel was full of members and investigators coming to feel of the great spirit that permeated the building. It was a wonderful night....full of inspirational words, songs and company. Thank you, Elder Myler, for all your hard work! This was a great night for the Church in Poland.

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  1. It was a wonderful evening...and I am so glad we were there to see this wonderful missionary musical fireside! The musical talent from this small group of missionaries is amazing....their parents would be so pleased!!!


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