Saturday, September 1, 2012

Warsaw District General Priesthood Meeting...Sept. 1, 2012

A Priesthood Leadership Meeting was held in the Warsaw District today. What a great sight to see these men come together to learn more of the Priesthood to help the Branches here in Poland grow and develop as they should. Here are many who attended. Denis, Brat Armstrong, Piotr, Godfrey, Draman, Cody, Marcin, Marian, Slawik. President Jarosz, Brat Kagele, Artur, Pres Jagard, Moussa, Jerzy, Andrzej, Arsen, Pres. Zalewski, Bogdan, Elders Reed, Tarasevich, Jensen, Marian, Brat Isaac and Brat Neto.

In the Wolska chapel, the meeting was getting underway...

...while other activities were being held in the rest of the building. Sister Sheahan and Packard were there to teach the Parent/Child English class which is held every Saturday at noon. (This is for Investigators AND members and their children who would like to learn English.) Today Daniel, Denis and Konrad (whose Dad who was attending the leadership meeting) came to class. Above: Singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' to review what they had been taught.

A grill was going to be held after the meeting, and there was much to do in the kitchen. I was assisted by 3 great young men and Jolanta.

The finished products! (Watch for Daniel and Denis (left and center) next week on the blog.....they are going to be baptized!)

The Warsaw District Presidency: Presidents Dresler (middle), Poludnikiewicz (right) and Armstrong (left). These men do such a great job leading the District. We appreciate all they do to help strengthen the church in this part of Poland.

Artur was chief 'grill man' .... using skills he had attained at a previous job! Elder Reed was a great back-up man.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a grill, and these men were hungry after some great meetings.

There was plenty of food to go around.

President Jagard (Warsaw I Branch) visiting with Brother Kagele.

The Priesthood holders of the Zalewski family plus their sister Oktawia and Sebastian....newlyweds!

A lot of food was consumed while visiting and exchanging ideas. Godfrey, Andrzej, Marian, Brat Zalewski, Brat Netto, Draman, Moussa and Bogdan.

Cody (Lublin), Odys (Bydgoszcz) and Arsen (Poznan) catching up on each other's lives. They all became fast friends on the YSA conference in Hungary in July.

A well-known, beloved face in Poland amongst church members....Brother Isaac. His expression says it all. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is alive and well in Poland! We are grateful for the Priesthood leadership in this country. A big THANK YOU to all you Priesthood holders who live and magnify your Priesthood callings. May the Lord continue to bless you and your families! I love this church. I am grateful we have the Priesthood authority on earth today to bless the children of God.

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