Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baptisms last weekend...

This past weekend the church in Poland was blessed with 4 baptisms. First, Adam was baptized by Jacek in Lodz. He was taught by Elders Godwin and Johnson. Since finding a pool for baptisms is virtually impossible in Lodz, we now own our own portable baptismal font (a pool!) that the Elders set up in the Relief Society room. It works great, and the entire baptismal service can be done at the Lodz chapel.
Our other 3 baptisms were in Bydgoszcz.... Denis, Weronika and Daniel were baptized! (And the Aaronic Priesthood Quorum continues to grow!) Brother Kagele, Odys and Elder Gladun performed the ordinances. It was a great service. There was such a strong reverant spirit at the baptism....it was as though it was being performed in a temple. Over 40 were in attendance, and this was the group that came back to the chapel for refreshments. When the Bydgoszcz Branch gets together, it's always a great event.  The hard-working Elders of the Bydgoszcz Branch: Elders Raines, Gladun (Zone Leader), Gudnason (District Leader) and Weir. We hope to attend more baptisms in Bydgoszcz as these missionaries continue to 'Teach when they Find and Find when they Teach'.

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