Sunday, September 16, 2012

Polish CES Seminar & Training for Teachers!

This past weekend we had a great seminar for our Seminary and Institute teachers throughout Poland. Because we are so spread out, the Seminar started Friday night with some of our great members spending the night at the mission home. We had a nice dinner and great fireside....but probably the best thing was the chance to just sit, visit and get to know one another. We have such great members in this great country! Some who came were: (LtoR): Chris, Marcela, Ula, Gosia, Brother Turek and Adrian.

The next morning we were all up early to head to the Warsaw II chapel where the actual seminar would be held. The Priesthood was doing a great job getting everything set up for the wonderful presentations that would be given.

Brother Turek is our Seminary and Institute Coordinator for Poland. He was doing most of the training of our teachers....helping them to understand the needs and teach the gospel effectively to their students. Using Gospel Teaching and Learning formatted like Preach My Gospel , our teachers will be able to teach with the spirit! (The complete Polish translation is expected any day.)

Gosia is the Seminary and Institute Supervisor Coordinator over the Katowice District. She did a beautiful job explaining the importance of this program.

Group work was a big part of the Seminar....helping teachers delve into the scriptures to find answers to teach their students how to do the same. Brother Turek with Chris (Seminary teacher Warsaw II) and Adrian (Institute teacher, Katowice Branch). Behind them...Agata (Institute teacher, Lodz).

Brother Turek working with Ula (Seminary teacher, Wroclaw), and Leslaw (newly called Seminary teacher, Warsaw I Branch).

It was a great Seminar. We appreciated all those who gave presentations and participated. These teachers are ready to teach the gospel to their students with the Spirit! It's going to be a great year for the Seminary and Institue Programs in Poland. Above: SOME of the participants who were there! It's hard to keep up with this crowd! They have lots of energy and enthusiam....which makes it hard to get them all together for a picture! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT WORK YOU WILL DO!

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