Friday, September 7, 2012

Bydgoszcz Zone Conference...Almost!

Almost? That's what happens when part of the Missionaries get on a train that they THINK is headed to Bydgoszcz and find themselves in Konin! The Poznan District did just that. This was not their fault, the train was marked incorrectly...

Minutes before the Zone Conference was to begin, after numerous phone calls and checking train schedules, the Poznan District found they would not arrive in Bydgoszcz until 3:00pm...two hours before the Conference ended. was back to Poznan for them. A 'mini-Zone Conference' will be held in Poznan in a few weeks.

The Bydgoszcz Zone....minus the 4 missionaries from Poznan and the 2 from Szczecin.

The Gdansk District: Sisters Ostler and Bezdjian; Elders Harris and Myler (District Leader).

The Bydgoszcz District: Elders Raines, Gladun (Zone Leader), Gudnason (District Leader) and Weir.

The Poznan District: Elder and Sister Reed made it here; and they hoped to be joined by Elders Tiner and Skolmoski, Sisters Folsom and Allen and Elders Van Bakel and Garfield at the soon-to-be 'mini' Conference.

SIDENOTE: In this mission you have to be organized. We are very spread out; and when we get together, we need to make good use of our time. So...

...that is why at this round of Zone Conferences we have been working on a special project.

Making sure each of our Missionaries (shown above is Elder Weir) is dressed in the proper attire...

...I have begun taking pictures for our annual Christmas card that will be sent out the 1st of December. It seems like last week I did this. Oh, how fast one year goes by!

This was another great conference. The Bydgoszcz Zone is doing wonderful things. Bydgoszcz has 3 baptisms tomorrow. Gdansk has 4 planned in two weeks. Szczecin has had 2 baptisms in the past few months and Poznan one recently. Flexibility is the key in a very spread out mission like this one. Thank heavens, the Lord is in charge! We love our missionaries.

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