Thursday, September 13, 2012

Check in with some of our 'Formers'!

President Jagard, who serves as Branch President in Warsaw I, came by for dinner. He served as a missionary here years before and continues to have that great missionary spirit today. His wife, who also served here, will be returning home soon with their two children to Warsaw in a couple of weeks. (We miss you guys!) In the meantime, President Jagard is busy. It was great to have him over. And as any good missionary, he was more than willing to take the leftovers!
Now, news from a few of our 'formers' that haven't been gone that long from the mission...We received these pictures from a group of them that are attending BYU Provo. How many do you remember? BYU football game party...(LtoR): In the back on the left: Sisters Steadman, Allen and Stay; Elder Murphey; Sister Smith; Elder Hillyard. Naleszniki (Polish pancakes) party: Elder Hillyard, Sisters Steadman and Stay; Elders Leimer and Dabrowski; Sister the back; Sister Smith and Elders Darowski and Eastman. Naleszniki party continued: Sisters Allen, Marshall, Steadman, Garcia, Smith and Jones. Elders Dabrowski and Darowski. Two of our 'former' Sisters on their way to Church, Sisters Smith and McAdams. It is great to see these former Missionaries getting together, speaking Polish and reliving great memories about the mission. They all look great. Well, almost all.... Elder Dabrowski, we love you but I am not sure what this picture represents. Probably having a great time. We love all our missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission....where the best missionaries in the world serve(d)!
Thanks for the updates! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

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  1. Thanks so much for feeding him! He is getting kinda lonely out there. ;0)


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