Thursday, September 20, 2012

Combined District Meeting--Warsaw I & II Districts

For our Specialized Training this month, we are reviewing and reteaching what we emphasized at Zone Conference a few weeks ago.  Teach to Find and Find to Teach,  Ask Everyone for a Referral and Prayer with a Promise.  Today we had the Warsaw I and Warsaw II Districts together in the Wiktorska Chapel.  We met in the Relief Society room on this beautiful day in Warsaw.  We started right at 11:30am sharp and finished exactly 75 minutes later.  We will have this same meeting with all Districts around the mission over the next two weeks.   Those that were with us today were...
Elders Manwill and Fletcher (District Leader) serving in the Warsaw II Branch.
Our Lublin Elders...Elder Wilson and Elder Hancock.
Serving in the Warsaw I Branch are Elder Bokinsky and Elder Pofelski (Zone Leader).
Bialystok attended this combined District Meeting:  Elder Rogers and Elder Roberts.
Elder Baranowski and Elder Hooker (District Leader) serving in the Warsaw I Branch.
Our Warsaw Sisters were also in attendance.  Sisters Sheahan and Packard from the Warsaw I Branch...
...and Sister Holmgren and Sister Masters from the Warsaw II Branch.
We don't want to forget our great Office Elders who do so much to help this mission run smoothly...Elders Hayes and Dopp.
Our Assistants, Elders Jensen and Basha, had an hour's worth of role play planned.  Who are we looking for?  Businessmen, Families and our 'Replacements'.  The church is growing in Poland. We are doing our best to find those who are looking to find answers to their concerns.  We couldn't do this without members to fellowship and accompany us on lessons. A big THANK YOU to all our  great members who help our missionaries so much.  We love you!

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