Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poznan "Mini Zone Conference"

 September 7th we held a Zone Conference in Bydgoszcz.  Unfortunately, when we took a picture of the Poznan District, Elder and Sister Reed were the only ones that showed up!  Why?  The rest of the District had found themselves in Konin....hours away from Bydgoszcz.  (Trains had been marked wrong!)  Not wanting to have these great Missionaries miss the instruction given at Zone Conference, we held a 'mini-Zone Conference in Poznan.
 The Poznan District.  This picture looks much better...and Elder and Sister Reed don't look so lonely!  We appreciate the Reeds so much and all they do. What a difference it makes to have a great Senior Couple in a small branch.  Here are the great Missionaries of that District:
 Elder Tiner (District Leader) and Elder Skolmoski. 
 Sister Folsom and Sister Allen.  Both of these companionships serve in Poznan and the work is going strong!
 Elder Van Bakel and Elder Garfield who are serving in Szczecin.  We have baptized some incredible members in that Branch lately.  You will meet some of them this weekend!
 The Assistants, Elders Jensen and Basha were there to teach and review the 'Kopischke Four'...principles that were taught to the Poland Warsaw Mission in November 2010 by Elder Kopischke who was our Area President at the time.  For you former Missionaries, this should look VERY familiar.  1. Teach when you find. Find when you teach.  2. Investigator prays on 1st lesson.  3. Member on every lesson after the first.
4. Ask EVERYONE for referrals.  We will teach and reteach this until we leave the mission.
After the Conference, everyone headed out.  The Assistants were there to go on an exchange with the Poznan Elders, Tiner and Skolmoski  All were excited to hit the streets and go to work! 
It was great to visit with these good Elders and Sisters.  They are working hard and striving to find those who are being prepared to here about the gospel and how it can bless their lives.....forever!  We love this work and the people we serve here!

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