Saturday, September 22, 2012

We had 4 Baptisms in Gdansk last weekend!

Missionaries in Gdansk have been working extra-hard lately....and it has paid off!  Four wonderful converts were added to the Gdansk Branch on Saturday.
 Agnieszka, Tomek and Kasia all had the desire to follow the example of their Savior, Jesus Christ and enter the waters of baptism.  Brother Harker baptized them, and Sisters Ostler and Bezdjian taught them.
 Irena also had a desire to follow her Savior.  Again, she was taught by the Sisters and was baptized by Brother Harker.  Irena is shown with her member huband, Josef, who is very proud of her.
There you have it.....the newest members of the Gdansk Branch.  Welcome to the Church Agnieszka, Tomek, Irena and Kasia! We will be spending Sunday with this great, growing Branch. Be watching for more photos with what is going on in Gdansk!


  1. Amazing! That is so wonderful. Congratulations to them and the missionaries who taught them.

  2. How wonderful to see these pictures and feel almost like I'm in Poland (instead of Portland, Oregon) just two letters but nearly half a world apart, but I can see and feel your enthusiasm! Kocham Was, Lisa Lewis Do zobaczenia!

  3. What a site. Agnieszka and her family are so beautiful. I am so so happy for them.

  4. Way to go Dad! Looking at this blog sure does make it feel like you were there on a mission.


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