Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spending Sunday with the Saints in Gdansk.

Sunday morning...early! Why are we meeting the Missionaries in front of the public library?  We are looking for a site for the Gdansk Branch.  The searching has been slow, but we know the Lord will lead us to the perfect spot to help this Branch grow and thrive in the gospel.  What are they carrying?  Everything needed for a wonderful Sacrament Meeting....hymn books, trays, etc.  "Sacrament meeting on wheels!"
Our great Elders serving in Gdansk:  Elder Harris and Elder Myler (District Leader).
Soon, the Sisters arrive...Sister Ostler and Sister Bezjian.  And now it's time to get everything ready for the meetings.
We start with the room.  This is what the 'conference room' looks like in the libray when we arrive.
After some 'remodeling'.... is turned into a very nice chapel.  Good work, Missionaries!  Yes, they do this every Sunday.
Some of the Sisters in the Gdansk Branch.  (LtoR): Anja, Lydia, Wioletta, Agnieszka, Halina, Sister Harker, Ilena and investigator.
The Primary in Gdansk is growing, too!!!!!! Claudia (brown sweater) used to be the only member. Now she has plenty of friends!
Agnieszka, Kasia and Tomek were all confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Little sister, Anna, will be baptized in December when she turns 8...which is considered the age of accountability in our Church.
Irena was also confirmed a member of the Church today.  She and her husband, Josef, are very happy for this day.
What a great group of Missionaries we have serving in Gdansk.  They work diligently every day to find those who are looking for the purpose of this life and wanting to know what God's plan is for them.  (LtoR): Elders Harris and Myler.  Sisters Ostler and Bezdjian.
After church (and some visiting!),  the members help put the conference room back in order.
Two great members of the Gdansk Branch, Brother and Sister Harker.  Just to show you how small the world is (especially in the Church), Sister Harker grew up in Hawaii and served in Church Institute with a very good friend of ours...President Teshima, of the Las Vegas Lakes Stake.  The Harkers are residing in Gdansk on business.....but we use them as  full-time Senior Couple Missionaries.  We appreciate all they do for the Branch and all they did for us while we were in Gdansk.
Visiting the Ronald Reagan Park in Gdansk where this statue was unveiled last July.  Pope John Paul II and President Reagan.  These 2 men are credited in Poland for helping to topple Communism 23 years ago.  The statue was inspired by an AP photograph taken of them together in Miami, Florida in 1987 when Pope John Paul II was visiting the United States. 
We had a great time in Gdansk visiting with members and missionaries alike.  How do you end a wonderful visit like this?  How about having a delicious Sunday dinner with our dear Sister Missionaries.  Roast beef, mashed potatoes and was just like home.  Thank you, Sisters Bezdjian and Ostler for the most delicious meal .....and great company!  They invited US to come and have Sunday dinner with them.  How nice is that?   Gdansk is doing well.  Great Missionaries, Great Members...Great City!  We love Gdansk and the people who live there!

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  1. Oh my goodness oh my goodness!! This has just made my evening, day, week, month, year! I love this. I am so happy for the missionaries serving there and the members living there who are making it possible for this to happen. This church is undoubtedly true. These miracles don't just happen for no reason. And the work that continues to go on has strengthened my testimony even as I'm thousands of miles away.

    Thank you Sister Nielson for posting this.


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