Monday, September 24, 2012

Spending the day in Kielce...

President went to Kielce on Monday with Brother Jarosz to look at sites for a new chapel.  Today was P-day for the missionaries, so they went by to see Elders Jespersen and Waits.  Also visiting with them was Martyn.  These are great Elders, and they are making great things happen in this wonderful branch.
They looked at 6 different locations.  There was one that seemed perfect, but there was a business in the area that disqualified their best site.  Here Brother Jarosz is looking out the window while conducting business on the phone.  Well, it's back to looking for another location.
The Branch President, President Najberg (center), was with them also.  This is a wonderful man who is such a support and cares for the members of this Branch.  We thank him for his hard work and love for our missionaries.  It was a great day.  They did not find a site, but they will be back in a few weeks as people are helping us find a suitable location.  Kielce is a great branch, and we love their city.

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