Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zone Leader Council at Nowy Swiat

We changed things around this month for our Zone Leader Council and held the meeting at Nowy Swiat 38. This office space located on the most popular street in Warsaw was the first piece of property owned by the church. It was the first meeting place for the Saints in Warsaw and also served as the Family History Center for years. Now, it is a great location to teach investigators as it is in the 'heart' of town and is very accessible. (L toR): Elder Myler, Elder Fletcher (ZL Warsaw), Elder Jensen (ZL Bydgoszcz), Elder Basha, Elder Hooker (ZL Bydgoszcz) and Elder Waits (ZL Katowice).

Part of the reason we held the council meeting here was to help Elder Hooker obtain his residence card. He and Elder Jensen came in from Bydgoszcz and needed to go to a specific government office to finish up some legal matters. It was downtown and rather than have them run back across town we took the Council to them...Nowy Swiat was the easier location. (These residence cards are similiar to visas, this allows us to be in Poland for two years. Sometimes they can be a real 'challenge' to obtain.)

We had not planned on this being one of the hottest days of the year. Nowy Swiat has no air conditioning and poor ventilation. Elder Basha was doing his best to make things better for everyone. (Notice President Nielson's 'make-shift desk!)

With the distractions, the Council accomplished many important things for the mission: discussing ways to unify the mission, ways to increase our polish language skills and set baptism goals for the next quarter. It ended with a wonderful, spirit-filled testimony meeting.

Lunch break---Subway sandwiches, 7 layer dip, chips, homemade cookies and (warm) juice...

... and a needed break next door for some COOL refreshments. This is one of the advantages of meeting at Nowy Swiat!

It was a great day and what a neat experience to meet in the historic and wonderful Church site. It's back to our areas and getting all that was discussed to the mission. Everyone headed to the train station or their areas. What a wonderful meeting. We have great leaders in this mission. It's a small group at this time. Some of these Zone Leaders have had to do 'double-duty'...Zone Leader and trainer! But they are doing a great job....the mission is in good hands!

On the way back to the mission home we followed this important business truck. It says "insurance for your buildings against pigeons" --correct my polish if I am wrong! We can only imagine how busy they are....

We love this country! It is full of great people who are looking for truth....and we are finding them!

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