Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The rest of Wednesday July 12, 2012

We left the airport after saying goodbye to Elder Kennedy and dashed to the events of the day. First up was District Leader Training in the Warsaw Zone. Elder Fletcher, the Zone Leader, is also a trainer this transfer because of the number of new missionaries coming in shortly. What we covered at Zone Leader Council last week will be passed on to the District Leaders today with Elder Fletcher doing the training and leading the discussions. We will do this in Bydgoszcz and Katowice in two weeks. With goals established and plans made, Elders Siebert (Warsaw I), Fletcher (Zone Leader), Johnson (Lodz) and Pofelski (Warsaw II) are ready to train and teach these things to their Districts next week and beyond. This was a great meeting. These are great missionaries who work hard and are obedient in all ways. This meeting lasted until 2:00pm and it was a mad dash across town to still have a productive day. We had many cars in our parking lot, and we needed to get the Van out. So it took some real talent to figure things out. Elder Basha was "selected" to move President's car as it was the one that was blocking everyone in. To make sure that everything went well, everyone helped.... The companion who is not driving always stands in the back to assist in backing out. Today Elder Basha had 6 Elders helping him--including Elders Gudnason and Dopp from the office. They were successful! It was now time to load up and leave the office for the Centrum. (Elders Fletcher, Siebert, Johnson, Myler and Basha.) A great day and great success awaits these wonderful dedicated missionaries.
Now to the next meeting... Brother Turek, our Seminary and Institute supervisor over Poland from Germany, was in town today for planning and training. He met with President to go over future dates for teacher training, Missionary Prep classes, Seminary graduation and other meetings to assist our Polish Saints in building the Church and teaching the Gospel. This is a great man who is also a brother to Sister Cielenska in Wroclaw. He is doing a great job in Poland. After that meeting, it was time to meet with Brother Horacek. Brother Horacek is a great help with all of our buildings in Poland. He works with Facility Management and is on his way up to Gdansk. This was a very productive meeting.
It was a great day and many things were covered and planned for.
With all the meetings going on at the office, I had to be creative to find a quiet spot to make calls and get a few things done myself. The office supply room was perfect! And I was able to find a few moments of peace and quiet....that is until someone spotted me and took this picture! You don't hide for long on a are always needed and that's not a bad thing! I love being a missionary!

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