Thursday, July 19, 2012

District Leader Training and Interviews in Katowice July 18, 2012

We caught the early train down to Katowice. This was going to be a busy day. First of all, Katowice Zone District Leader Training meeting was starting at 11:00am. The Assistants (Elders Myler and Basha) are in Katowice for an exchange, so they attended along with: (LtoR) Elder Krzyminski (District Leader in Krakow), our assistants, Elders Rogers (District Leader in Katowice), Bode (District Leader in Wroclaw) and Waits (Zone Leader and Trainer in Katowice). The Leaders of the Katowice Zone: Elders Waits, Rogers, Bode and Krzyminski.

Elder Waits talked about Zone goals and how best to achieve them.  Using our 'Standard of Excellence' and setting Weekly goals helps you stayed focused.  He taught the value of Daily planning and taking care of the small things and the big things will come about.
Elder Bode talked about the needs in Wroclaw, and how they are going about to accomplish the goals they have and improve the work.  He detailed the need for reporting the efforts of the day so we can see where to improve or where praise is needed.
Elder Rogers taught how to find the needs of your investigators and asked questions that help you find out their concerns.  The discussion was productive and everyone participated.  This was a great question and answer session for everyone.
Elder Krzyminski taught about accountability.  President said this was one of the best instructions regarding being accountable that he has heard.  This was uplifting. He taught that when we are accountable, we achieve more and do our work with more energy and desire to meet the goals we have.

 Elders Zelezniak and Krzyminski from Krakow. These are two of the great Elders in this zone. Elder Krzyminski is training Elder Zelezniak in all the things that made him a great missionary. This companionship is unified as this picture shows! Elder Rittmanic is being trained by our Zone Leader, Elder Waits. They are doing a great job with all of their responsibilities. Elders Waits will lead the Training meeting this morning while his companion, Elder Rittmanic...... pairs up with Elder Zelezniak (as Elder Krzyminski is attending the meeting) and Elders Marsing (Wroclaw) and Mikolyski (Katowice) team up as their companions (Elders Bode and Rogers) also are in the Training meeting, and they all are heading out to teach and find. Sisters Jones and Howells joined in as the missionaries headed out to 'teach and find'. These wonderful Sisters finish out the Katowice District. They add so much to the Branch and to the work. Every district should have two hard working sisters like Sister Jones and Sister Howells. While all of this was going on, Sister McGrath and I went out visiting some of the members in the Katowice Branch. Bozena is recuperating from knee surgery and is doing well. Krystyna was also there to cheer her up....Visiting Teaching at its best!We also dropped by to visit Anna, a recent convert of 4 weeks. This great sister has such a strong testimony and is a great addition to the Branch. It was good to visit with these great Sisters. Thank you, Elder McGrath, for being our chauffeur! We made it back to the chapel to help Elder and Sister McGrath set up a fabulous lunch for everyone. Elder McGrath is quite the cook on the BBQ as he perfecting the art of 'smoked beef' on the grill located on the chapel balcony. After lunch, President had interviews with the missionaries. As this was taking place, the missionaries were realigning the areas in the Katowice District....each with their specific areas to contact everyone. Elders Rogers, Rittmanic and Waits are showing the Assistants how the new areas will help everyone. Also, Adam came by to visit and check up on his mission papers. They were submitted a few weeks ago, and he is anxiously waiting to hear where his assignment will take him. This is a great young man who is prepared and eager to share the gospel message. We will keep you posted on this calling. At 4:00pm English Classes start. This is one of the changes that we have made recently. This way all of our missionaries are out contacting at the best times- after 6:00pm. This is our Beginning English Class. Elders Rogers and Mikolyski are the teachers and do a very good job. Our Classes are free of charge on Wednesdays. Homework assignments are given out. The Missionaries call up to see if help is needed and also share messages about the Gospel- which is our main focus. The Intermediate English class taught by Elders Waits and Rittmanic. These 9 week sessions follow our transfer cycle. So, every 9 weeks we start over and teach the same lessons. It is a good review for our students....but more importantly, we use English class as a 'sifter' to find those that are interested in the most important message we have....that of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is working out extremely well. Many of our progressing Investigators are from English classes.
This is our Advanced English class. Most of our Advanced English classes are taught by our Senior Couples...this one being taught by Sister McGrath. They do a great job! The 'textbook' for this class is the Liahona. Every 9 weeks, a new Liahona is given out. All lesson material is taken from them...vocabulary words, stories. It makes for great gospel discussion. 
It is now time to get back to train. It is great not to have to fight the traffic back home.
While waiting to board in Katowice, this long train with new cars pulled through the Peron. As far as you could see there were cars...looking to the rear of the train......and to the front. Brand new cars slowly sailed by us. I wished I would have counted them! This train went on forever!
It was a great day. Interviews, visits, meetings, goals and more people listening to our message. We have the Best Missionaries in the Church serving in Poland. We are so blessed. This is the best time in our lives. It is going too fast!

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