Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July in Poland

Our Assistants helped us 'kind of have' a 4th of July celebration. Elders Myler and Basha volunteered to man the BBQ if we organized a little something later in the evening. So they showed up in true American Missionary Patriotic attire.

By the end of the evening we also Celebrated with a Polish favorite- Kinder Joy Eggs...even BETTER than Kinder Eggs! Elders Pofelski, Szymanski, Gudnason, Dopp, Elder and Sister Peck, with Sister Holmgren and Forsey along with the Assistants.

We wanted to thank Sister Forsey for helping. She is serving in Warsaw I and teaching some great people and doing a marvelous job.

Her companion, Sister Holmgren, is also a great missionary and doing well with the language and in teaching. She also is good at contacting and talking with everyone.

Elders Pofelski and Dopp helped the assistants with the hamburgers. Elder Basha handled most of the chores, but the others were there for moral support.

In the end it was a great evening (we got together after proselyting hours- so around 8:30pm)
and had a good time together. We are grateful to be where we are and from where we came from. We are truly a blessed people. The weather is getting very warm but our spirits are bright and excited to be doing what we are called to do- Preach the Restored Gospel to the great people in Poland.

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