Friday, July 6, 2012

District Relief Society Conference....Day 1!

The Warsaw District Relief Society has organized a conference. Not wanting to leave any of our dear sisters out, all of Poland was invited! The conference started at the Mission Home Friday evening! Soon after 4:00 pm, Sisters started to arrive from all over the country. (LtoR): Gosia (Katowice), Kornelia (Bydgoszcz), Irena, Sister Tarasevich, Zosia (Lodz) and Gosia (Warsaw 1). They also brought a surprise with them....Polish kabasa (sausage)! You don't have a 'grill' in Poland without kabasa...and guess who has no idea how to buy it? So, these great sisters helped me out! There was lots of visiting to catch up on as we were waiting for everyone to arrive. (LtoR): Monika(Warsaw 2), Irena & Zosia(Lodz), Sister Malinowska(Wroclaw), Marzena and Sister Gorniak(Warsaw 2). The foyer was starting to fill it does when the missionaries come over. But this time, it was full of purses instead of backbacks! Elder Peck and Elder Jensen were busy outside preparing hamburgers, chicken and of course, kabasa! We thank these good missionaries as they worked extra hard keeping up with lots of hungry women! Having over 50 women in attendance, we were feeding them everywhere in the mission home...the dining room, the living room, the stairs inside and...... ....OUT! No one seemed to mind....everyone was just having fun catching up on each other's lives. Soon it was time to break out the ice cream specialty of the house! (LtoR): Sisters Jensen, Reed (who serves in Poznan who came with the sisters in her branch) and Sister Peck. A very big THANK YOU to Sister Jensen and Sister Peck who spent the day with me cooking, cutting and organizing. You were both lifesavers! It's amazing what 6 hands can do in a kitchen! After dessert, there was more visiting around the table.... ...more visiting on the couches.... ...and basically any open spot that was available. Above: Marta (Poznan) and Ola (Wroclaw) discuss gospel principles with Marzena who has a baptismal date for later in the month.
It was a great evening...but still another great day to come!
The next morning: Those sisters that spent the night at the mission home. Everyone was well-rested and ready for a day full of spirituality and fun! Standing: Sister Jensen, Renata(Bydgoszcz), Sister Reed and Marta (Poznan), Renata (Bydgoszcz), Malgorzata and Gosia (Poznan), Marzena-Ola-Sister Malinowska(Wroclaw). Sitting: Kelly(Bydgoszcz), Patrycia(Bialystok), Gryrzena(Poznan), Ewa (Bydgoszcz), Dagmara (Szczecin) and Zoja (Bialystok). Saturday we all headed to the Wolska Chapel for the conference. This was so fun to be with all of these great Sisters. This was a tremendous event.

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