Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interviews with the missionaries begin. Lublin & Bialystok first up.

It's time again for interviews with the missionaries. We started this morning at Warsaw I because the Elders from Lublin came in for District Meeting. We got to the chapel ahead of the rain and the missionaries. Everyone arrived about the same time. We had not seen a larger umbrella than the one Elder Szymanski had. Good thing...everyone was able to stay dry! Elders Pofelski (District Leader), Register in the front with Elders Hancock and Szymanski in the back.

Elder Register and Hancock are great companions. They serve in Lublin and are doing a wonderful job. The Branch gets a little small during the summer months, but they are helping it to keep going strong. Thank you Elders!

After their interviews, we ran over to Warsaw I in the Wolska Chapel to attend part of the District Meeting there and to continue interviews.

The Warsaw I District- Sisters Sheahan and Peterson with Elders Raines, Siebert (District Leader), Bokinski, Fletcher (Zone Leader) and Manwill. Sister and Elder Jensen also attend this District. They had a great lesson. President was interviewing Elder Walter while I took the picture. He and Elder Manwill are in from Bialystok and are doing a tremendous job in that city. They also are beginning an exchange with Elders Siebert and Raines.

The Sisters were out the door off to an appointment, and the Elders were deciding how fast they could run to the bus stop as it was pouring rain outside. Elders Raines, Manwill, Walter, Siebert, Fletcher and Bokinski.

Elders Raines and Manwill will be paired up for the next 36 hours in Warsaw as Elders Walter and Siebert head to Bialystok to work in that city while on their exchange.

As it happens so often in Poland, it was pouring rain one minute and then it stops the next minute. They are off for great experiences as they apply what they learned and reviewed in District Meeting. They talk to everyone and spread the message of the restored gospel on the earth. There is nothing greater than this message.

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